Proudly Pretending

I sit next to you,

Waiting for a sign.

Not sure what to do with my hands,

Or the thoughts inside my head.

If I act too soon,

I could lose what we have.

If I don't act at all,

I could lose what could be.

I am living a lie, one I want you to know.

I am content with where we are.

If there is the possibility of more,

Would you tell me?

Are you holding out on me?

Proudly pretending nothing is wrong?

I cannot hold out on you much longer.

Soon I will tell you how I feel.

If you feel the same, we can stay out all night,

Just like we do now, but closer.

We can hold hands, and I can finally feel,

What it is like in your arms.

Am I crazy for feeling this way,

Or am I holding onto a false hope that,

Somewhere, deep inside,

You love me, like I love you.