An Urban Legend

An urban legend: a supposed true story which realistically is based on a strand of truth, but have you ever heard one, if you haven't it doesn't matter because I am going to tell you one now, so sit tight relax and enjoy the ride.

The day started just like any other, for Liz Parker, it was just another journey, which may have challenges to overcome. Class president, and future Homecoming Queen, mixed with beauty, intelligence and generosity it was no surprise that she was a goddess in her high school, every girl wanted to be her and every boy wanted to be seen with her. The day would have been like any other if there hadn't been a bright spark, the renowned Tyler party's, held at the beginning of every spring break. Infamous for all the innocence lost and the hundreds of laws broken, but that was not the reason she was going there for, all she wanted was to have a good time and spend some time with her boyfriend, Zack. She wasn't going to break any laws not this time any way, she had to stay in her mums good books if she wanted to spend a week on vacation with her mates and no parents telling her what to do.

Liz arrived at the party right on time, only because she wasn't like any normal girl and didn't paint her face with make up, no, she was the kind of girl that went for the natural look, no make up no wonder bras to make her look appealing to boys, with her they got what they saw in front of them and not a girl with surprises, and if they didn't like what they saw stuff them, you know nowadays you can make any ugly girl into the envy of the world.

When the others arrived Liz started having a good time, Zack could always make her feel better, and she counted herself lucky to have such a great boyfriend. He was always there for her when ever she needed him. The party was a hit with all the people there, they were all enjoying it, even she was until she started developing a headache.

In the end Liz decided to leave early, what a time to have a splitting headache she thought, now of all days. Zack tried to persuade her to stay but she knew if she did shed regret it in the mourning, so she hoped into her Ferrari and drove off towards her dads home. Her parents had a divorce when she was young and so she spent most breaks with her dad. She was due to go there tomorrow but her dad was probably still at work, so shed have time to make herself look decent, and if her mum saw her in this state shed blow a fuse.

Her thoughts were stopped abrumtently as she realised the car was slowing down, she wasn't at all sure if she should inspect what was wrong with the car, these parts gave her the creeps, the woods on either side of the road made her feel trapped, like there's no where to escape to, the trees were so dense that any one could hide behind them, and it was so dark, she could feel her blood started to bubble, but in the end she decided to go out and take a look. One look at the tyres revealed all, she had a flat tyre. It's pretty useful to have a dad as a mechanic sometimes, at least she knew how to do the simple stuff like changing tyres.

She heard the crack of a twig and spun around, someone was there behind those trees she just had this feeling, she could feel eyes watching her. Her muscles tensed as she looked around but she saw no one, her heart started to beat as fast as a tornado, the weather was giving her the chills and she could feel the goosebumps on her arms, and her teeth started to shake, she could feel her heart beating. The fact that it was nearly pitch black didn't help her situation, she knew that the only choice she had was to change the tyres. She grabbed the spare tyre out of the boot, and replaced the flat tyre in record time. She went back into her car and drove off as quickly as possible.

After a while she stopped looking in the mirror every 5 seconds to check that no one was following her. She turned on the radio in an attempt to calm herself down, even though it didn't help at least she didn't have to stand the deadly silence, what had she heard back then, did she imagine it or was some one behind those trees and what were they doing there, no one could have followed me from the party not at the speed I was travelling, so what was he she doing there. As she started to calm down she realised that it was a quite cold in the car, and turned on the heating, to her surprise she noticed that she was nearly out of petrol.

The closet petrol station was about a miles drive, which wasn't a problem but cashier there was creepy. He was ancient but still somehow he looked terrifying, he had greasy grey-black, his skin was all wrinkled and dry, his eyes were pitch black, it's like looking into nothingness, but the thing she hated worst of all was the devious smirk he wears each time any one enters, it just freaks her out.

She knew she had no choice it was either go in the, or become stuck in the middle of the road which was not an option. As she neared the station she could see him through the window and started to have regrets about what she was doing. She stopped the car in the petrol station as the cashier came up to her. What was he doing she thought I can refill the petrol and pay later, something's going on. He knocked on the window and after some hesitation she rolled the window down, he said something about there being a message for her, so she got out of the car and entered inside. He followed her inside and locked the door, Liz saw him doing this and panicked her mind went blank, fear started to steam its way through her blood, she looked around and snatched the nearest object and through it at his head, he stumbled onto the ground and groaned in pain, Liz took the opportunity to grab a chair and break the glass window and run for her dear, sweet life. She got in to her car and drove off as quickly as possible. The only thing she was worried about was getting home and feeling safe and relaxed.

But home is somewhere she never reached and she would never see her friends and family again, all because she never looked in the back seat, because if she did she would have realised that ever since she stopped to change the tyre there had been a man in the back seat with a axe in his hand, her life ended swiftly and painlessly.