Don't love me anymore.

If you say you're OK

then you're OK

why shouldn't I believe you?

Tonight there's not a moon

the sky seems like sheets of paper

which I wrote thousands of poems about you on

finally I couldn't help but rip them

it's not 'cause of shame or fear

I had agreed just to gaze at you.

I would have loved you until I lost my mind

I would have sacrificed everything for you.

My fingers dance on the keys

a sad melody has been born

snowflakes fall without course

like flowers blooming in the air.

My heart does Playback

of this love song for you

you've made a road of roses

but you didn't take the thorns off

I'm bleeding tears from inside.

I don't feel saved by your side

your loving rapes my soul.

slowly, I'm forgetting your profile

maybe there won't be a tomorrow

shall we play piano again?

I miss the moment you embraced me

nobody has loved me like you did

but I saw goodbye coming,

so I'm not regretful at all

'cause somebody will love you

more than I have.

I would have loved you until I died

my first and last love.

Don't ask forgiveness

I can't forget all the hurt you've put me through

don't ask for one more chance

I want to quit playing with my heart.

Mind if I ask you a favor?

don't, don't love me anymore.