And the pond was still
But it took one minute
For the tranquility to leave
A raindrop fell
And rippled through the pond
But it was more than just one
It turned to two and three
But it was not just any raindrop
It was one that fell off of a girl in white silk
And laces
With the raindrops that fell off of her body
Her chocolate hair turned to ash
And that polluted the pond as well
And her pure white garments
Turned to black
Without the shine
Or beauty
Her blue eyes turned cold.
No longer blue
With every raindrop
They got darker and darker.
And so did the sky.
Until real raindrops fell
It was the beginning of the night
And ending of the day
But she knew
That everything would be restored.
When the ashes and dust
Turn back to gold
And the white laces her body once more
One day the pond will be pure again
And so will she.