And all that time that I spent with you
I dreamed of seeing my father
I cried myself to sleep
Missing him
But you wanted power of him
While the alcohol had power over you.
And you had power over us
You lied
And denied your proclivities
While you took me from the only real love
I had ever known
My father was the only one that I had known
To sweep me up in his arms
And fight to see my face
He was the only one that tried to save me
From you.
But no longer could my hero save me.
Alcohol was in control
No; not you
Your drink
Your love
Your poison
And green envy
You hated that we were close
You hated that he stopped drinking
--and grew up--
You hated it so much that you took it out on me
And clung to my brother
And until I watch you shatter your bottle
I don't want to see your face
I am okay with not hearing your voice
E-mail is the best contact.
Poetry is the only thing we have in common
You took me away from love
You stole away my life
So now I have to work harder to find it
I am angry
And I have every right to be
I never had a carefree day
when I lived with you
And I wish I could have
And seen light
Other than that of the court house
At age eight
And years younger
You took away a lot
And I miss what I never had
Because of you.