did I take your lines
and you my time
which was the trade
more fair

shall I try to slip
our impossible memory with
speaking of cityscapes
how they hold us apart
with their impersonal granite guilt
and sad sober concrete

when we could not do it ourselves
could not tide against rhythms
patterns and I imagined
the baring of myself
was equal to your givings
did not compass
I was only gaining your leavings

glimpsed but did not foretell
that in giving all I would be the one
who could slowly ease past us
and you, slicing your soul
would be the one whose heart
lingers over denial and the pain of parting

and what is pain
to me but window sheet tendrils
of our stillborn currents
my reflection become solitary
never to see you find a crossing
in the sea of truth and time

stranded though I am from you
our few caught threads
bare and glimmer
contrive to strangle our steps
I slide one more
from my ankles each day

from sunrise to sunset
in the dark watches of the night
there is something I know
that you do not know
which will never fold
on me like your face
into one more charade
of sentiments you hold high
but can not reproduce in yourself

I know what you do not know