Brianne's POV

I laughed hysterically when I was told Michael was Dexterous's half brother. I don't know why exactly I thought it was so funny.

After Michael and I got married I appeared on Oprah to speak about human trafficking. I stepped off stage still wondering if my whole ordeal was worth the pieces of soul it cost me. A mother approached me. "Miss Field, my little girl was abducted when she was four and placed in the human market." The woman said.

"I'm very sorry, ma'am." I said.

"No, Miss Field. I want to thank you for all of us. You saved my little girl by discovering that information. If it wasn't for you so many people would be still looking and hurting for his or her lost family members and friends that had been stolen away by that vile man. Thank you." The happy look on that mother's face made me realizing every thing I had gone through had been worth it.

I had been shattered by my father's death, beaten by a monster, and not broken by the evil of the world. I had walked through my own trial of fire and I had survived.

They haven't won until you become one of them.

Author's Note: The chapters were intentionally that short. I didn't go into great detail about Brianne's captivity because that would be very explicit.

A special thanks to found.eventually and Kendyl Burch for reviewing my story and being so kind. Thank you so much!