Chapter I.


My name is Gabriel del van Saint Arthur. As hard as it is to believe, I am one of the undead. A vampire, to be a bit more precise. The Ancient vampire Gabriel. I am, of course, one of many who live amongst humans. I can, however, strangely endure sunlight, a gift not all vampires posses, except for us Ancients. But all vampires feed off of blood, which is already known about us. I was made at the age of seventeen, but by now my age is far greater. Like others, I too have experienced great pain as both a mortal and immortal. Love, lust, greed, hate, envy, you name it and I've felt it. But out of them all, love is the most dangerous emotion. Many fall prey to this one, especially me.

I have been to many countries throughout the world and met many individuals; some I liked, others I hated. But immortality is not always as what it's cracked up to be; watching all your loved ones wither away, and then your own refection is only an image of your former self. I am nothing more than an empty shell in a piece of shit of a world. ( So to quote a dear friend of mine. ) Strolling through life endlessly. "Terror of the night"
My Maker, Anastasia, is another Ancient. She has watched over me since I came into the blood. Her twin brother Michael, also contributed to my mortal death as well, so I sometimes refer to him as my half-Maker. The two despise each other. Why, I still do not fully understand, but despite that severe hatred, they worked together on me.

There are two other Ancients I forgot to mention; Uriel and Lucifer. Uriel is the less dominant of us, lacks attitude and often takes compassion on humans. Compared to her, Lucifer is the complete opposite. He is often at times violent and hostile, and when it comes to me, can be quite brash. He even slaughters anything he sees as a threat, yet he knows his place when told. We may have been Ancients, but the true power laid with the Elders of the Great Ones. There is only three of them; Marquis, and the King and Queen.

Although we vampires are numerous, there are also other supernatural creatures, such as: Ghouls, Lycans, Demons, Ghost, Fairies, Witches and Warlocks, Chimeras, Trolls, Necromancers, Zombies, Regenerators, Archangels, and my all time favorites Elves, who are pretty much just mischievous fairies. As history would have it, no numerous species can coexist together. Most of us supernatural beings are at war with each other. War over power, over who will dominate the mortals.
Humans can't even coexist with each other. Civil wars dividing nations over religion, territory, and race. Is it right? That's life both for us immortals, animals and for humans. Nothing can have equal rights. Nothing. There can never be peace. Am I wrong to drink the innocent and the evil? Better it being me taking your life than just simply out of sheer hostility. The wars humans have do not solve anything but death. During my life I have seen plague wipe out villages and cities. I have seen children abandoned, diseases killing, innocent people being enslaved, many torturous acts. It's a surprise that I even sleep with all these emotions my head. The world has been filled with evil since the beginning of time. No, I do not approve of these things, but I am just as evil now. Being immortal has showed me things that normally I would've ignored as a mortal.

But the war between the immortals is far more dangerous. The Lycan clan, controlled by Theodore Des Mont, has a large number of members. Not as large as us vampires, but larger than all other groups. These two groups clashed the most; the witches and warlocks occasionally joining the war. The Archangels exist to keep the peace between this world and the next, but mostly stayed in solitude.

We Immortal beings have been portrayed as the antagonist in every situation. But, although we are dead, ( logically ) we too have feelings of pain, regret, sadness; remember, some of us were humans once. ' Monster' is the title we were given and kept under hush-hush; mere legends. But I wanted more than that, always have. Show every mortal around that I was not some centuries old puppet, keeping to secrecy and old laws. No, that is not my goal. Whether a mortal will believe my story or not is not of my concern. My only care is that I tell it.

For your viewing pleasure I have modernized the language a bit, considering this tale takes place mainly in olden times. I am not one to use this language now, so there won't be much of a problem.
When I was mortal, I lived a life that was somewhat luxurious in an elegant castle ( which at times I considered a prison ) in the countryside of England. Son of an arrogant, evil Earl, Madius del van Arthur. He hated me as soon as I was born, often taking the liberty to beat me. My mother, Zelda del van Saint Arthur, was a loving woman. She sheltered me from the dangerous world, never letting me leave her side when I was young. I also had an older brother, William and a younger sister, Catherine. These two my father favored, always disgusted with me.

As an immortal, I have dealt with countless misfortunes and timeless moments. I have created my own fledglings, which all have my love and gratitude. Maybe one day they too will share their own story. Maybe. I believe I have explained enough of what we are. I shall begin my tale from where I believe it is relevant. My story, like all others will provide you knowledge of what my kind and others really are. Let my story draw you into this world of us so called 'evil' beings of the supernatural.