This is a short story that I had favored so I wrote it. Enjoy

Threes a Crowd


" Yuki! Play with me!" Whined Ryochi from behind the jungle gym.

" Noooo!" cried Kyo stomping his feet in the sandbox." Yuki wants to play with me!"

Yuki looked at his two best friends in bewilderment and made his way to the swings.The boys had only been at the playground for only two minutes and already Ryouchi and Kyo were fighting over him. It was strange for him,considering they were all just seven, so he didn't have those type of feelings.
Yuki sat down on one of the swings, giggling as his older sister, Rin, fell off the slide. It was all he could do not to pay his bickering friends any mind, since their loud arguing got on his nerves.

They'll have to eventually stop, he said to himself while digging his sneakers into the rocks. He looked up when he heard his two friends racing to him, already regretting ever agreeing to come to the park.

It was Kyo who pushed him first on the swing, but Ryo moved him aside and pushed Yuki as well. Finally, the two started yelling, then came pushing and shoving.

" I want to push him!" Yelled Ryochi giving Kyo a shove to the chest.

" I was first stink face!" pushed Kyo back.

The swing came to a halt after awhile, so he turned to look at his best friends and sighed at the usual sight.
" Common guys, we came to the park to have fun."

They shoved each other a little bit more then stopped and started a shouting match.Yuki watched them curiously before taking off for the water fountain after his sister. He would have pretended to have gotten hurt somehow, but decided upon that. Ryochi and Kyo would've just got into an hysterical fit over who would care for him.

After getting some water, he watched them from a nearby bench, the match still going strong. He hated when they started this. The whole thing seemed like it would never end. Their fighting was often at times a problem, particularly on his birthday and Valentines Day. They were all good friends with each other, but Ryochi and Kyo both liked him and neither could let the other have Yuki. When they fought over him, Yuki always stayed out of it, since then they'd make him choose. He didn't understand when and why they liked him, both would become speechless if he asked.

He scratched his head, pondering on his predicament, then folded his arms across his chest.

" Ryochi, Kyo! Stoppit, I'm getting bored!"
As if he had pulled them apart, the two stopped and stepped away from each other. Kyo smirked and stuffed his baseball cap more on his brown hair, then laughed after noticing a lot of people staring at them.

" Sorry Yu, didn't know we were boring ya."

Ryochi gave a half smile and brushed his long bangs out his face. " Yeah sorry Yuki."

They both came over to him and sat down, each taking his hand. Yuki blushed from embarrassment and put his knees together. He usually wasn't a shy person, but when Ryochi and Kyo were affectionate with him in public, he just couldn't help but blush. He endured it though, knowing this was the only way they would stop fighting.
Sometimes, in his mind, he would pretend he was a prince and Ryochi and Kyo were his two lords, each by his side. The thought always made him happy strangely and he would forget his troubles.

Once the sky started to darken, his sister called over to him. " Yuki! Time to go home!"
He sprang up so fast that he fell down onto the concrete.

Not again. Yuki was sadly quite clumsy; often he would stumble on his own feet and land into someone, plus he was absent minded. These were flaws he at times hated, especially when he got bruised or scared.

" Ouch."

Ryochi and Yuki helped him up and cleaned him off. The two were always helping him when he fell or just got into trouble that needed help. Yuki, because of his delicate features was a prime bullying target, so it helped when they would step in.

Yuki brushed his oncoming tears from his eyes, considering he scraped his knee, then mumbled a thanks to his two friends. " I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Ryochi laughed. " That's if you can deal with us fighting."

Yuki made a face that made Kyo laugh as well. " Hes just joking, Yu."

Yuki mustered a smile then looked around for Rin. She had obviously left without him, so he followed her lead and made his way home; but his friends insisted on walking him, and so not to cause another fight he allowed them.

They walked together in total conversation, Kyo with his jokes and Ryochi with his facts.

My two lords by my side, seeing me safely home. Things are better this way. The three of us. No fighting.

As they neared his house the two stopped, so Yuki looked back to see what the trouble was now. " What happened?"

Ryochi lowered his head, in an attempt to hide his face, as if his shoes were very important.

" Well, ... Yuki...we...both...sort"

" Like you." Kyo finished, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

Yuki blinked. " I know, always have."

Kyo shifted on one foot then the other. " Yea, well I figured you would've known that. But,... well,... you see me and Ryo here really really really like you and we both cant have you."

Not this, here they go again. He played with a lock of his maroon hair, already feeling his face heat up. " Do you both want me to choose one of you?"

Ryochi cleared his throat." Well, yeah."

Yuki gazed at the two of them, stomach tightening and thought about what his decision should be.

If I pick one the other will be hurt. How can I make a choice between my two best friends? Does it have to be this way? He looked to Ryochi first. Hes always helping me with my homework, my smart lord. He moved his gaze over to Kyo. Hes always making me laugh, my funny lord.

A rash idea came to his mind and before he chickened out, he quickly kissed them both on the lips and ran off.

My hearts beating so fast, what was I thinking?