Okay people this part can get a bit tooooooo rated x, so if you don't like hardcore yaoi look away. Enjoy.

They headed back to the academy after the movie. Both Ryochi and Kyo refused to leave Yuki's side so he bought them to his empty dorm room, where they proceeded to give him hot mouthy kisses up against the wall. He felt his clothes being striped, then their tongues on his hardening nipples. Each lick sending his body tingling.

" Ahhhhh." He gasped, withering between them in earnest.

Kyo bought his head up and gazed at Yuki, " I bet you're tight huh."

His half lidded eyes watched as Kyo removed his and Ryochi's uniform. Their bodies both sculpted to lean perfection and ripped, Kyo's was slightly darker and more tattoo covered, but their cocks bought more attention. Each one thick and long. Yuki couldn't help but lick his lips in anticipation, then run his hands over both their smooth pecs.

" You two sure have grown."

Ryochi grinned then scooped up Yuki in his arms. " You're not so bad yourself."

Yuki giggled once he was laid out on the bed and they were both beside him. " I want to taste you two."

They grinned wickedly at the command and got on their knees as Yuki grabbed both their cocks. He bought his mouth down on Kyo's first, gently and carefully sucking the engorged sex.

Kyo moaned hoarsely, running his hands through Yuki's hair as his penis was jerked roughly. After a few lengthy sucks, he lifted his mouth from Kyo and snugly wrapped it around Ryo's shaft, first swirling his tongue over the head then savagely shoving it full in his mouth. While he worked Ryochi, he also cupped Kyo's balls. Squeezing slightly then messaging the delicate skin with careful skill. Soon the room became filled with their moans and grunts. Losing control, Ryochi shot off into Yuki's mouth.

They fell back on the bed panting, till Kyo had Yuki kneel over, " Lets see how ya like this Yu."

Yuki felt Kyo's hands slide on his waist and in one long, hard stroke entered. He gasped at how thick he was then started panting once Kyo began thrusting. The whole feeling amazed him, never had he been so spread out and filled so entirely.

" Fuck." He cursed aloud, closing his eyes from the pain and pleasure.

" Damn," panted Kyo, pounding faster into Yuki. " You are pretty tight."

Yuki smiled at Kyo's comment and raised up as Ryochi inserted his cock into his wanting mouth. He sucked on the throbbing shaft, feeling his own stiffen at Kyo's fulfilling ramming, pure sheer delight. His two lords becoming one with his erotic demands, never had he felt so pampered in his life.

Ryochi's body tensed up and again Yuki's mouth was filled with semen and a few minutes later Kyo gave forth. He fell sweaty and tiredly down on the soiled bed, Kyo joining beside him, golden gaze meeting his.

" Tired Yu?"

Yuki smiled and watched as Ryochi settled between his legs.

" A little." He ran his hands through Ryochi's hair." But I can go for some more."

They both grinned and Ryochi drew Yuki's cock into his hot mouth. He sucked on the aching scrotum, giving special attention to the head as Kyo leaned over Yuki and started licking the tender nipples till they turned a fine dark pink. Yuki arched up a bit, eyes closed from the intense pleasure he was getting. His two lovers working him into a screaming and panting frenzy, till all he could do was tremble, clutch the sheets and bite down on his bottom lip. Kyo tugged and stroked the delicate pink tips before he gave Yuki a long, hot mouthy kiss, sweeping his tongue between his teeth in demanding swirls, which made Yuki buck up and moan loudly, finally coming. Although he was tired, Yuki got up and straddled Ryochi, crying out for joy once his lover plunged into his swollen slick anus. He rode roughly, fingers entwined in Ryochi's hair, moaning till his lover came.

They made love for what seemed like hours, each servicing Yuki to the brim with satisfaction. He lay in both their arms afterward, covered in their sweet masculine scent and sticky semen, a warm feeling to his limps. He had dozed off for a few short minutes then woke up.

" I almost forgot to decorate the Student Council office."

Ryochi kissed his cheek and tenderly stroked his chin lightly. " We'll do it for you tomorrow, since we...well, occupied your time."

Yuki smiled and turned onto his side, noticing Kyo sleeping soundly. " I see hes still the sleepy head."

Ryochi laughed then sat up as Kyo opened his eyes. " I heard that Yu." He said through a yawn.

Yuki giggled and kissed Kyo's lips. " Dont worry, I know when you're not a sleepy head."

Kyo grinned and sat up, sitting Yuki in his lap. " Who would've thought that this would've worked."

Yuki smiled at the both of them, stretching his legs onto Ryochi. " Well, twos a company, but threes a crowd."