there was a time
when the clouds rolled
and beneath the dim skies
you were still clinging
onto possibilities.

she was speaking,
with tears in her eyes
a hand to her heart

and together,
playing the game of blame
(but no, my fault, not yours)
as the sound of approaching thunder
drowns out your voice

"i'm sorry"

maybe it was too late
(is it really?)
What if... (i still care)
If only... (circumstances were different)

her words echo
like a lamenting song,
as you turn
to embrace the pain
(believing in heartbreak)

and alone,
hoping for a different tomorrow;
(dreaming of a happier yesterday...)
as you watch her pray
silently in the rain

a prayer for happiness
will eventually reach you

those darkened days-
light tears like rain
throbbing pain like thunder

fading into the distant past

August 10, 2007

in dedication to K, who's conversation inspired this poem...