The Phoenix King (23rd Oct 2005)

Born to forever walk the earth

On heavy wings of stone

Forged of a soul these bonds

A curse of shackles of my own.

My hearth is aflame with light

Light that is forever hidden

Unless it is broken free

For that which binds it breaks it.

Fly free o' bird of flame

let your spirit soar high

and carry aloft your crest

Let all know of your rise.

Slave of many minds

bound and chained to earth

Fight little slave child

for one day it shall end.

The whip of slavers scores me

they beat me too the earth

but on my wings of stone I rise

to show forth my crown

Cast off you rags, slave child

take up your gilded crown

take up your sword and sceptre

Take seat upon your throne

From the ashes has risen

The one whom comes again

With new life I am reborn

On wings of fire and crown

For I am the stone bound bird

I am the slave in prison

For I am The Phoenix King

and from the ashes I have risen.