Pain, hatred, loss, despair...
I know them well.
I run, I hide, I still cannot
escape despite effort.
They surround me...

Each night, I come home
to my small cell
And I try to live a normal
But no sooner have I
Than Hatred follows.

Her corpulent bulk screams
at me,
Screams at me to die and
be damned.
The death of my soul
is her price,
The price for my sanity,
and it is too high to pay.

Pain accompanies her,
his youthful form
My roommate. Longing
for my agonies, he
Chips away, slowly,
but surely, at
My defense of
not caring.
His sole purpose is to
look good while
Causing torment and

Despair remains on the
Eating her potato chips
and watching Jerry Springer.
When she travels, raw
anguish erupts from
Festering wounds - wounds
that lay open due to the
Pain caused by attempts
to heal them.
She and I have an
I leave her alone, and
she will torment me.

Loss enters, his face worn
and haggard from the day.
Out of duty, not love no
reverence, but pure
Duty and fear, I rise and
greet. Then, against all
Logic, I retreat
to my grotto, my sanctum,
Despite its obvious
lack of safety.

My soul screams for
release from its pains,
And for one brief, shining moment,
I consider it.
Then, I store the thought
in a small glass jar,
Place it neatly on
a shelf, and
Go to bed. Overnight, the
thoughts fuse
Into perfect diamonds...
which I then wear.
And, greedy for them,
the four begin again.

and Hatred...

If there was but one moment of pure, sweet silence...

It would be worth it.