A very, very short story about two of my favorite characters from Fine Line, Keiran and Caomhe. Edited it to put in more details. :)

Sentiments of Hatred

"Mrs. WEISNER!" Caomhe's hand shot up in the air furiously and she waved it around until she caught the third grade teacher's attention from her lesson on the pioneers.

Mrs. Weisner sighed and walked over to the redhead's desk and noted the innocent look on the face of the boy who sat behind her- Keiran Holmes. This would lead to no good. "What is it, Caomhe?"

"Keiran keeps pulling my hair!" tattled Caomhe, shooting a glare at Keiran.

"Did not!" argued Keiran, immediately jumping to his defense.

"Did too!" argued back Caomhe.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Enough!" yelled Mrs. Weisner. These two were always going at each other's throats, and she was seriously regretting putting Keiran in the desk behind Caomhe.

Caomhe scowled at Keiran and hissed, "I hate you."

Keiran seemed unfazed by this and snapped back, "I hate you more."

"No, I hate YOU more!" argued Caomhe passionately.

"YOU more!" Keiran started to rise up from his desk, as did Caomhe.

"YOU MORE!" the small girl screamed, her face going as red as her hair. It was surprising to hear a girl that small make that much of a noise.

"Would you two PLEASE be QUIET!" Mrs. Weisner was seriously considering therapy at this point, and perhaps sending these two to the school counselor.

Keiran and Caomhe silenced, but continued to stare angrily at each other.

"That's it…" Mrs. Weisner took a deep breath and sighed. "You two are staying inside today."

Caomhe's jaw dropped in shock. "But-"

Keiran crossed his arms angrily and yelled in protest, "NO FAIR!"

Mrs. Weisner said nothing more on the subject, but turned back to her lesson with a sigh. "Now… back to the pioneers…" That therapy was sounding very tempting right about now. Or better yet, a vacation. Yes, a vacation to Canada. Niagara Falls...

Caomhe turned around in her desk to face Keiran and whispered hatefully, "I hate you, Holmes."

Keiran scoffed in contempt. "Likewise, Dorkzilla."

Caomhe stood up from her chair, knocking it over with a CRASH and snarled as she lunged for Keiran's throat, "Why, you-"






"That's it. You two are seeing a counselor."

Probably not my best, but I had so much fun writing it that I don't care. Reviews appreciated!