I wrote this when I was supposed to be listening in Creative Writing. If you were there, you'd be doing something else, too.


"You're stupid."

"Your face is stupid," retorted Keiran, who felt that his retort was downright clever. Of course, he and Caomhe were fourth graders, so their idea of clever retorts wasn't exactly… mature.

Caomhe rolled her eyes. "Your glasses are stupid."

"Oh yeah?" Keiran took this comment very personally- his glasses were completely awesome in his opinion. "Well…" He took a deep, dramatic breath. "You're adopted."

Caomhe scowled. "Your real mom gave you away at birth!" she snapped back.

"You were born of ALIENS!" Keiran pointed dramatically at Caomhe. "That's why your hair's so red! Because you are from MARS!"

"Yeah, well…" Caomhe bit her lip, trying to think up a witty retort. "My dad can beat up your dad." This was getting into something dangerous.

"Nuh-uh!" protested Keiran, who refused to believe this evil slander.


"Guys…" Fiona peered in. "Did you even try to hide?"

So that's how they wound up in the same spot… Caomhe and Keiran instantly scowled at each other and Caomhe snapped, "I told you to get out of my hiding spot!"

"I was here first!"



Fiona sighed. Finding Caomhe and Keiran was such a hollow victory. Now to find Charlie and Garrett