Who Knew it would End this Way?

Not a day went by when my memories drifted to you,

When I looked upon the morning, the sun, the grass, the morning dew,

And I remember all the fun we had and gave,

But when you took your life, I was too far away.

Who knew that it would end this way, my dear friend?

To me, my bright, happy would has fallen, had come to an end,

Like a bullet through the crowd,

Like Death in the shroud.

My Dear Friend Leila, you took your life

And sent it away, with all of your strife,

But why didn't you tell me?

In an e-mail, in a letter, but not to the tree.

The tree which took your life, which you hung

On which the tree on which yourself was strung,

Why? I ask, my dear friend Leila of mine,

Did you make it end without the day's shine?

Not a day goes by when I think of you,

When I look upon the falling night, the falling rain, the draining dew,

And I remember, still, all the fun we had and gave,

Now all I can see, with my clouded mind of our past, is how I was too far away.

Lucky we've been through hell

Back roads and shortcuts we know them well

Leila, just stick with me

We'll make it together, just wait and see!

But those words are nothing more

Than simple folklore.

Now I wish upon a shooting star,

To bring you back to my life, but now I know, that not even stars are enough from afar.

I hope you hear this, dear friend,

And wish that it didn't finish with this end,

Now, with this final verse, all I have to say:

Who knew it would end this way?