Don't Tell Me I'm Dreaming

The night is dark, a perfect time for us.

When no one can see us, it's easier to hide.

I can almost feel the touch of your lips,

Brushing my cheek, hot breath in my ear.

I begin to smile as I turn into your kiss.

Our song comes on, and we can't stop now.

I feel your arm on my back, pressing me closer,

Closer to your heart,

And into your embrace.

With love and lust comes impatience.

My hands caress your back as I lay on your shoulder.

I want to make sure you love me,

Before I love you.

I have waited so long for this moment,

Don't let it fall from my grasp.

I pull you close to me, so I can feel your heart.

We beat in sync, together at last.

I wanted to stay up all night,

But now I know,

All I want to do,

Is fall asleep,

Next to you.