Today is your day
I'm so greatful that you're here
Today is the day you made everything shine,
This was one of the best days of my year.

I'd like to wish you...

Today is your day
God blessed the world with you
Today is the day you made the world smile,
Even when you didn't mean to.

The happiest of all of your days...

Today is your day
I'm still missing you now
Today is the day you were given a name,
And for that name, I'll still keep my vow.

This is a token...

Today is your day
I wish I could be there,
Today I remember how I'm without you,
and the thought is still too hard to bear.

Of what's left of my heart...

Today is your day
A day that I somewhat dread
But I'll never regret meeting you,
Or forget anything that you said.

And I know I need to set you free...

Today is your day
And the cake is tasting bitter-sweet
It's not fair that I can't celebrate
Or that losing you made me feel this incomplete.

This is all that I can give to you...

This is your day,
and I'm all out of things I want to say.
All I have left is just one wish:
have a happy birthday.

Just remember, I love you.