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Siri : hey sister

Lumi : hey sis

Siri : I cant wait til ur house hehehe

Lumi : me 2

Siri : do u kno whos going?

Lumi : Baron, Xavier, Bob, Lali, Chris, Jezebel, Jagger, and Reeft

Siri : YAY!!!!!!! This is gonna be great

Lumi : I kno :D

Siri : g2g see u later

Lumi : bye sis

Siri : bye

Siri signed off.

Siri turned off her computer and went to get ready. She put on a black tank top and a pair of blue jeans and packed her stuff to go swimming. Then she went to the living room to wait for her parents to take her to Lumi's house. When she got in the car she started listening to her ipod until they got to Lumi's house. Siri jumped out of the car and walked up to the house. Lumi and Lali answered the door.

"oh my gosh!!!! Siri!!!! Chris is coming!!!" Lali screamed.

"yay!!!! Reeft is coming too!!!!!!!" Siri screamed back

"so is Xavier!!!! YAY!!!!!!!" screamed Lumi

After all the screaming was over they went inside to Lumi's room.

"you didn't bring Baron this time? I thought you guys always carpool?" Lumi asked

"we do but they probably have to pick up Jezebel again and last time my mom gave her and Baron a ride she offended them because she called them out about being all over each other all the time" Siri said

"he really needs to dump her she's such a slut" Lumi said

"I know but he wont listen to me"

"well tonight is going to be awesome so just forget about him being such a jerk and have fun with Reeft"

"oh I will hehehe"

"ya and we three will shun her hehehe" said Lali

"oh yes I love the devious plans Lali" said Siri

Then someone knocked on the door and Lumi's mom answered it. It was Bob and Chris.

"hey guys" Bob said.

"hey" said Lumi, Lali, and Siri.

"anyone else here yet?" asked Chris

"no just us" said Lumi

Eventually Baron, Jezebel, Xavier, Jagger, and Reeft showed up and the whole group started watching a movie since it was too stormy to go swimming. The movie was Lumi's favorite movie, the Lion King. When the movie was over it was still too stormy outside so they started to play video games. They were taking turns playing against each other. Then it was Reeft and Baron's turn to play against each other. Lumi and Xavier were sitting on the couch and Xavier had his arm around her. Lali and Chris were sitting by each other and Lali was acting impressed that Chris could beat his older brother Bob. Jezebel was sitting on the couch next to Bob and Jagger and behind where Baron was on the floor. Siri was laying on the floor next to Reeft. They started the game and toward the end Reeft was winning. Reeft was so far ahead he started playing with Siri's hair and talking with her. Jezebel saw that Siri was getting more attention thatn her and got jealous so she started playing with Baron's hair and trying to get his attention. Baron was trying to concentrate on the game and got mad that she was distracting him so he pushed her away. Jezebel got MAD. She started to throw a fit and started yelling at him. Baron lost the game and got even madder.

"How dare you push me away!!! Im your girlfriend. You need to pay attention to me!!" Jezebel screamed

"I don't care you were distracting me. It doesn't always have to be about you!!" Baron screamed back.

The rest of the group stared at them as they fought.

"well it should be about me. I am your girlfriend!!!" Jezebel yelled.

"well maybe I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore!!" Baron shot back

"ugh excuse me but you can't dump me!!"

"I can and I did!!"

"what?!?! How dare you!!"

"if you weren't so selfish I wouldn't"

"I am not selfish!!"

"yes you are" everyone said and Jezebel left the room.

"hey look the storm's gone. Lets go in the pool" said Lali

"sure" said Siri with a huge smile on her face.

Everyone changed and went outside. Jagger, Xavier, and Baron jumped in first. The water wasn't cold so the rest went in except Jezebel who was still pouting. Bob jumped on a raft and Chris was attempting to flip him over. Jagger, Xavier, Reeft, and Baron were trying to kill each other (not really just like play fighting). Siri, Lali, and Lumi were talking.

Then Chris finally succeeded in flipping Bob off the raft. Chris jumped on it and said "everybody get on except Bob."

Everyone ignored him except Lali who quickly jumped on the raft. Chris gave up and started talking to Lali while Siri and Lumi were laughing and giggling. Then Jagger swam over to Lali and started talking to her. Chris was starting to look pretty mad. Then Jagger was attacked from behind by Xavier and the swam away. Lali looked back at Chris.

"what's wrong, Chris?" Lali asked.

"he's gay!" Chris said.

Lumi and Siri heard this and started laughing uncontrollably. Then Jagger went underwater and snuck up behind Siri and grabbed her feet. Siri started to fall but caught her balance and started laughing with Lumi and Jagger when he came up. Reeft saw what happened and got jealous so he went over to Siri and started talking with her too. Then when Xavier and Baron got tired of trying to kill each other the joined the conversation too. But eventually they split into groups again. Lumi was talking with Xavier. Chris and Lali were still on the raft. Bob, Jagger, and Baron were eating. Siri was talking with Reeft. Then Jezebel came out and started trying to make up with Baron. Baron got ticked off cause he knew she was lying and so he told her it was really over and they weren't getting back together. Then Jezebe started to hit Baron and so Siri came to save him. She jumped out of the pool to his rescue. (ok shes like 4ft. Tall he could have taken her but still  )

"Jezebel, leave him alone" Siri said as Baron was about to push Jezebel away.

"Why should I?" Jezebel said still hitting Baron.

"because you mess with him you mess with me" Siri said walking up next to Baron to face her.

"and what are you going to do about it?" Jezebel asked rudely.

"this" Siri said as she pushed Jezebel into the pool. Jezebel came up screaming and yelling and splashing around like an idiot. Then she climbed out of the pool grabbed a towel and ran inside. Everyone was laughing.

"Why did you do that?" Baron asked.

"Well cause you're my friend and I don't let anyone pick on you like that. Plus she's really annoying" Siri answered.

"but after I was such a jerk to you. Which by the way im sorry bout that" Baron said

"it's ok but if you ever go out with a girl like that again…"

"don't worry I will never go out with someone like her again and I am definitely listening to you more often." Baron said.

"you should" Siri said smiling

Just then Lali came up behind Siri. Siri turned around and looked at Lali who had a huge grin on her face.

"ugh what did I miss?" Siri asked.

"Chris just asked me out!!!!!" Lali started giggling uncontrollably.

"oh my gosh did you say yes?!?!?!?"


"YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!" they screamed together

"wait did you tell Lumi???"

"yes and now her and Xavier are talking about going out"

"YAYAY!!!!!" they screamed again.

"ummm I'm guessing this is a girl conversation so I'm gonna go swim" Baron said as he started walking away.

"sorry Baron" Siri said as she was laughing with Lali.

"wait a second Lali" Siri said once Baron had left "Chris is all by himself. Go talk to him!!!!"

"oh my gosh ok bye" Lali said and she skipped away.

Siri started to go back in the pool but was stopped by Lumi who was screaming that Xavier asked her out. Then Siri went over to Reeft who was all alone.

"hey what's up?" Siri asked.

"I was gonna surprise you but guess what" Reeft said.

"what?" Siri asked curiously

"I'm going to your school next year" Reeft said

"What?!?!?!? Really?!?!?!?" Siri said very excitedly

"ya and I was thinking would you like to you know go out with me sometime?" Reeft asked nervously

"ummm ya sure of course that would be great" Siri said almost forgetting to breathe.

Reeft smiled and looked a lot less nervous. "uh great so I'll call you?"

"ok" said Siri.


Jagger, Baron, and Bob sat on the side of the pool.

"well this stinks" said Bob.

"ya how come we get left alone?" said Jagger

"well at least I had a girlfriend" said Baron

"ya but you and Siri chased her off" said Jagger

"true but I still had a girlfriend unlike you two" said Baron

"ya well that's cause we aren't dumb enough to go out with desperate girls" said Bob

"hey you don't have room to talk your brother's gotten more girls than you that's pathetic" said Baron

"you're all pathetic" said Lali, Siri, and Lumi from behind them as they pushed the boys into the pool laughing.


hope u liked it :)