A/N: Hey everyone. I know it's been a long time between updates, but I've got a moderately valid excuse. I've been in the most exciting province ever! Saskatchewan! Golly gee wow! Yeah. I actually started this song back when Ode to Nothing was being scrawled out, and just finished it. I hope you all enjoy it.

Mercy Lies

I tell myself, I won't get over you...
I'll just fuck up, everything I try and do.
Please lie to me! Tell me it's not true.
Please cry for me, I hope your not dead too!

Strive for the hollow accomplishments,
I held so high above me!
Die for the heartbroken lyrics,
For the things I never wanted to be!

Please lie to me!
For the rancid memory!
Please don't ever see,
My cold scream!
Please don't try!
Because I'm not worth your time...
But I ask is it alright for me to die...
For you.

Fade into! Nothing new.
I'm waving my broken hands for you!
Not my choice, I won't rejoice!
I'll never be that sane...
I hope you'll still see me...
The same.

Can't stand myself... Won't remember you...
I'm just fucked up, with my hope long removed.
Please lie to me! I swear that it's not true!
Don't die for me, this poisoned fucking truth!

Please lie to me!
Obliderate this memory!
Please don't ever be,
What the hell I've been!
Please... don't cry!
Because I'm not worth the pain!
It was never meant for me to say!
I love you.