Rye cleared his throat at the crack of his lover's whip, eyes widening. " I told you already, I love you."

His lover smiled down at him, casting the whip aside. " Does fear make you love me, dearest Rye."

He looked up to his lover through his long bangs and sighed. " Fear has no hold on me Zadeil, you know that already."

It was true, the only thing Rye had to fear was loosing Zadeil, whom he loved deeply, but the two hadn't actually made love.

Rye was a Pure Blood vampire, a vampire that was born a vampire; and Zadeil was a mere sorcerer.

In the world where Rye lived, Pure Blood vampires were the highest class creatures and anything below was low class; and because of that, Pure Blood virgin vamps could only mate with other Pure Bloods. A complicating concept to anyone not accustomed to the laws. But Rye knew the laws, after all they were made by his evil step mother, the queen.

She had hated him ever since his father had died and had made that specific law for him.

The woman loved Zadeil, but he regected her and fell in love with him. Rye thought back to those twenty years when his step mother had tried to kill him and almost laughed.

She would never be strong enough to actually kill me. Zadeil is mine and always will be.

His thoughts quickly came to a close once the door to the room was kicked open and in came his step mother's demon guards.

" What is the meaning of this!" Boomed Zadeil's intimidating voice as he hugged Rye to him.

The band of horned scaly beasts looked at him and the closets one snorted. " Zadeil, Prince Rye, her highness would like you presence at the kingdom. Now!"

Both Rye and Zadeil were confused by the sudden trip to the kingdom.

As soon as they arrived at the palace, Rye was quickly bound in chains. Usually there were no chains that could restrain him, but the ones on him now were an exception. They had a spell cast upon them, making the chains unbreakable.

Damn, Zadeil will never be able to free me this time, he thought bitterly as he was dragged to his step mother's throne room.

What could she possible want this time? Can't she see Zadeil wants nothing to do with her? How dare she snatch us from out hom. The woman is impossible, so jealous and coniving.