Rye licked Lareil's pale pink nipples then went back at kissing his lips, sucking on the bottom one eagerly. Lareil groaned in pleasure and quickly seized Rye by his hips. Rye grabbed the sheets as he was slowly lifted onto the long penis. He closed his eyes from the pain, making soft whimpering. It hurt him, but pain was something he loved so when Lareil rammed all the way in, he moaned and screamed at how it feeled him entirely. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he rode Lareil, ever so slowly

" Aaaahhhhh! Ahhh!" Rye moaned at the filling sensations and the heat that came from Lareil.

It was like when he had tasted Lareil's blood, felt like they were connected and in a way they were. Sharing each others pleasure, nothing else mattered. He increased speed on Lareil, panting and moaning like crazy. The pain had soon subsided and he was left loving every bit of it. He rode on through Lareil's erupting, now taking hold of the headboard. Finally he himself gave forth, he kissed Lareil's lips and fell by his side, far too tired to even sit up. His whole body was aching afterward, but he was just filled with joy.

He turned to gaze at Lareil and found him staring back. He seemed amused, long white hair all about. " Weren't you anxious to have my cock in your mouth?"

Rye blushed then lowered over Lareil's lower half and then took him into his mouth. The soft skin felt warm adn soothing against his tongue, he couldn't help but moan at how good it felt. Lareil held his head, groaning, occasionally he ran his fingers through Rye's hair. Rye moved his head up and down onto the growing shaft, sometimes clutching Lareil's balls till he cried out with joy. The whole experience was new to him and greatly thrilling.

Lareil may dominate me, but he is slave to my desires, my beautiful and forceful master.

With that, he shoved the cock as far as it could go down his throat and at once Lareil erupted into his mouth. Rye laid across Lareil's chest, feeling an overwhelming sense of comfort at having let go. Lareil grinned down at him and stroked his soft bangs. Rye could hear Lareil's heart beat to his and it was almost as if this was love, the alikeness.

" Rye, are you a masochist?"

Rye stared at Lareil then glared. " I am not a masochist! How dare you even suggest such a-"

Lareil laughed then climbed on top of Rye and thrusted into the slick opening, making Rye cling onto him and moan uncontrollably, legs slightly trembling. He screamed at the top of his lungs, enjoying the smooth moist shaft as it thrusted deeper adn deeper. Love didn't matter, not when he felt like this, so satisfied. He sat up, body rocking with each ram Lareil dished out and bit into Lareil's neck. With his mouth tasting the sweet liquid and his anus being pounded roughly, Rye erupted. Lareil continued his assault, moaning with pleasure as the sharp pain in his neck grew even more painful. They both loved every bit of it, giving into the other moanful request, erupting till they could not erupt anymore. They fell in a heap of each others sweaty limps, kissing and biting, both completely absorbed in each other. Rye fell slave to Lareil's caressing and constant tugging on the brand. The erotic experience had left Rye totally devoted to Lareil, his master and he learned that being dominated can have its advantages too.