The light dancer twirls around the garden. Jumping, twirling, prancing,energy and light flows freely around her. Blessing all life she passes, the flowers open up for her. Her dress seems to radiate warmth twirling with her jumping with her kissing every flower, every leaf. The garden is truely alive.

But change is comeing, time is slowing there enters a man, a dark but peacful man. The garden does not see him,but they feel him. The dancer slows, she knows it's comeing .The potent energy,that was flowing so freely before is now a trickle. Peace takes its place, the dark man thrives on this peace. That is what he is, peacful relief, after the earth has drunk its full of the energy of the dancer. Almost mysterious.

The stillness enters, as does he, the dancer stops The garden seems to hold its breath as they turn and face each other there is a brief pause where time seems to stand still. Then slowly and gracefully the dark man steps forward, holding out his hand. The light dancer takes it,and they begin to dance. Slow at first, not to be much noticed but speeding up, they roam all over.

The garden is still, watching the pair, for two dancers is more beautiful than a single dancer The garden is silent, pink light settles over every thing. The light dancers radiating heat lessens the world grows cool and calm as the dancer slowly move to the edge of the garden.

This dance, so beautiful, so graceful, lasts for a lifetime. For those who know its there. While the world is so busy a caught up in its own buisness, its hardly notices this thing of great beauty. This timeless piece of art forming right before their eyes. But those who do know, find the peace, the happiness, the wonder, that you can find in this dance. They know, they can see. They have learned to stop and look.

He leads the dancer to the edge of the garden. The peacful pink glow around the land slowly fades the dancer takes one last look at this dark man. Until they meet again, and leaves the garden in the gentle hands of the dark man.

He moves silently and kindly through the garden, closing the delicate flowers, quieting the sounds of everyday life. He whispers sweet words into the night welcoming sleep. All feel his presence and the world falls to a slumber under the watchful eye of the dark man. As he waits in his garden for that wonderful energyof the light dancer. To be woken by happy light, to begin the dance again.