My Love

My love is like a dream, it never repeats itself.

When I'm in love its for real, there is no second guessing it. I do not give my heart to men often so if you ever receive it you know it is special and precious and should not be fondled or abused.

My love is like a flower, it's petals can only be picked so many times before it withers. But there is hope for the withered flower. All it needs is a kiss from its one true love, the sun. Although not everyone has found his or her sun, it is out there.

My love is like a beautiful song, it can be heard by everyone but still leave questions. It keeps them interested and their eyes are always on me to catch its changes. Sometimes they think they understand and I shock them beyond belief. It is a perk to being a woman.

But there is only one problem; my love is not always as cheerful as a song, dream, or flower. On brief occasions the flower is interrupted by the lightning and thunder. Sometimes the dream becomes a nightmare. Sometimes the song hits a sour note. When these events become a reality I feel my heart literally break into microscopic pieces. My shattered heart is on the floor dead and cold. It seems as if I have died inside only every time I see him this feeling recurs in my mind, body, and soul.

I do eventually come out of my hole of depression and sadness. More aware, alert, and strong for anything or anyone that comes my way. . I need to wait for my perfect sun, singer, and man to dream about, its coming but I don't know when, until then my love is here waiting, wanting, and hoping.

My love is forever it never falters. Its target might waver, but I have learned to love unconditionally no matter what, and that's what my love is to me.