The Ordnian Age

The Novus and the Five Sacred Beasts

The times of struggle are no more, the time for change has come. In the end mankind and its creators are victorious, sealing the Novus' power. Mankind is freed of terror and onslaught and disaster that reckoned the world for almost two thousand years. And so, in order to ensure mankind's safety, the five sacred beasts, the symbol of the powers of the five main elements that can be found in this world were given to few, the remnants of the clansmen chosen by the Creators themselves.

These were the fire beast, the water beast, the wind beast, the earth beast and lastly the metal beast. Each of them were distributed to the different clans of the sacred land of the Sangyung Kingdom, a small yet powerful and prosperous land that reigned for almost one thousand years. To safeguard the world and the sacred Kingdom of Sangyung, the selected Clans were assigned to protect the seals that shield their world from the other dimension where the ancient Novus was imprisoned. This, in turn, is a dark world of nothingness, a world where the vile creatures rest who hunger and yearn for human souls.

However, in spite of being aware of its evil, attempts to release the beasts and the Novus, were made by the last Emperor of Song that drove his own empire to destruction in act of desperation against the mighty armies of Sangyung with the warriors of the different clans. After successfully releasing the four Novus Lords from the world where they were imprisoned, they betrayed the Emperor who released them and possessed him.

Now, they lie inside the emperor's body, the four souls of the Novus lords that attempt once more to cause destruction to the world and feed on human souls. At that time, the Sangyung Army with the combined warriors of the five Clans arrived at the palace after defeating the strongest armies of Song. There a fierce fight between the four Novus lords and the sacred warriors of clans took place, causing tremendous destruction to the empire's capital. This war alone claimed countless lives.

In the end, the Novus lords were defeated and were sealed again back to the netherworld where they belonged. However a unexpected result occurred after the sealing of the Novus lords.

The Symbols of the Beasts suddenly gave an eerie light and floated to the heavens and broke. The fragments of the symbols of the beasts scattered across the land. Although the power of the Clans still remains, more than half of their powers were gone. After the sealing of the Novus, the symbols of the Sacred Beast suddenly disappeared which was believed to be an omen of a disaster that is to come. Up until this day, not a single answer was known to explain the incident... Could it be an omen, a bad sign of the return of the dark ages once again?

Nobody knew...

End of Prologue