Two days earlier in the city of Fargova, Kurogane while investigating about the incident that he saw in the city accidentally saw Roggis gang with Reulen's sister who was tied up. Kurogane who has a kind heart could not bring himself to ignore the woman in need and tried to save her, however ended up caught by Roggis and his men instead. Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Guang, Lord Gureong head of the Fire Clan began his revolt with the help of his allies, the heads of the Earth and Metal Clans. First invaded his opposition by invading first the Wind and Water Clan's territories. The Water Clan was easily defeated by the Earth and Metal Clan's forces' assault and Lady Taki captive. While Mikami and his men, who was sent to a covert mission to the Wind Clan's territory failed to kill Lord Kuang Jie who escaped with the help of Fei Long, his loyal servant. Back to the City of Fargova, Roggis ordered to kill Kurogane accusing him of trying to abduct Reulen's sister Mia. Reulen who easily believed in Roggis' lie berserk and put all of his anger to Kurogane who in fact tried to save his sister from Roggis' captivity. Reulen's berserk caused a fierce fight between him and Kurogane which bought time for Roggis to escape. However, as the fight continues longer the fight turned unfavorable to Reulen which was weakened exhausted himself by using his abilities and Kurogane's damage to him. Left with no choice Reulen decided to burn anything using ability and his remaining strength and later escaped. After the fight when Kurogane deactivated his metal shield, Reulen already escaped leaving only his scarf which is in the ground.

Chapter 5

Old Acquaintance

Part 2

Outskirts of the City of Fargova, 2 days later...

Three miles away from the city, Roggis along with his men gathered upon a huge tree where he and Reulen agreed to meet. Upon seeing Reulen from a distance, Roggis became furious and grabbed his sister. "You failed Reulen, and you must already know your consequences!" Roggis grabbed a knife into his hand. Reulen's sister tried and struggled to get away from Roggis' arms. When Roggis was about to stab her, suddenly something hit Roggis from behind.

"What did you do that for!?" He angrily yelled and then let go of Reulen's sister.

"It seems like things are starting to change since I left. And leaving for two months seems to be a long time for you people to choose a new leader for yourselves." A tall man suddenly appeared and approached Roggis.

Roggis' cohorts seeing the man suddenly bowed down and apologized. Roggis was shocked in what he saw, and his angry face suddenly changed to fear. He immediately let go off Reulen's sister and then apologized to him. Reulen who could not clearly see what happened to Roggis went close to check and then he suddenly paused upon noticing the man who confronted Roggis.

"It couldn't be... Sir Marx!" Reulen said to himself.

Marx seeing Reulen faced him and said, "I am disappointed at you... Reulen."

Reulen bowed and apologized to Marx and said, "I am very sorry sir Marx, I am sure not to fail this time!"

Marx came closer to Reulen and asked, "I think you already know about the consequences of those who failed, do you?"

"Consequences?" Reulen asked to himself.

Marx faced Roggis and then said, "Both of you, Roggis and Reulen will be punished as the consequence for your actions!"

Roggis immediately objected, "But sir, I haven't done anything... I was just, you know just taking care of your business while your away and." He continued to make excuses.

"Since when did I gave you the permission to take over while I am away?" Marx asked Roggis who couldn't answer out of fear. After confronting Roggis he continued to speak to the two. "I also heard, that you Roggis made some racket in that city while I am away and also did something unforgivable to Miss Mia Villorth."

"That's not true... I actually saved her from her abductor which tried to take her away from us. Unluckily he escaped for he is way too strong for us to handle. Reulen was actually chasing that man for two days, is that right Reulen?" Roggis faced Reulen.

Reulen agreed to Roggis without second thought. Marx who was suspicious to Roggis warned him, "The next time you take away my authority as a leader I will take off your head. There will be no second chance to you, so you must be careful on your actions from now on Roggis. And you Reulen, is what Roggis said was true? Then how could you explain your sister's situation? Don't tell me that you are trying to cover this fool, for the fear that he might have hurt her?"

Reulen replied and said, "It's true sir, there was someone trying to abduct my sister. Roggis also said, that if I would not do as what he told me to do he will kill her."

"That explains everything Roggis, in that case there is no more reason left for you to live." Marx said and continued, "First you tried to replace me as the leader, taking my title and authority you ordered our people to burn the city for your own selfish reasons. You also tried to harm and threatened our comrades who did not wish to obey you. What more reason I should I let you live?" Marx asked Roggis.

Roggis however did not reply and kept silent, kept he anger to himself. "You have no more to speak to justify your actions, then it's settled!" Marx ordered his men to take Roggis away.

"This is not over yet Marx, Reulen! I will make sure that I will kill you and take my revenge someday!" He yelled while struggling to get away.

After Roggis was taken away, Marx faced Reulen and began to speak to him. "As for you Reulen, there's a certain task which I would like you to do. Don't worry, it wouldn't be difficult and if you will be successful in this task I shall forgive you. I don't know what Roggis tried to command you for having such injuries but I will have your sister do the treatment for you. Miss Misa isn't here yet and I bet it would take her a long time to come here in this place, and I am sure..."

Before Marx could finish Reulen kneel in front of him and asked, "I only have one wish, and that is for me and my sister Mia to be free. I want to... I want to move on and have a new life sir. So please grant my wish!"

Marx suddenly silenced and shocked then said, "Reulen... you should have known our rules already. No one is allowed to quit, you shall become one of us until your last breaths. You may not like it, but as long as you are alive you are not allowed to leave our group. Quitters are considered as traitors, if you still want to quit then I have no choice but, to kill you and your sister!" Marx grabbed his dagger and then asked one more time. "Then what would be your decision, Reulen? But don't worry, I will not force you. However your sister will have to come with us."

"Marx, wait! Why include her, she has nothing to do with it!" Reulen yelled at him.

"Nothing? You should have known that by now, she is already one of us. By leaving us, you are also leading your sister's life into danger. You should think about that twice, young man..." Marx said and continued, "Very well, if you are still persistent of leaving our group then I have no choice but to kill you on spot and your sister too. If you change your mind, then I will return your sister to you and will inform to you our task in taking the city of Fargova."

"Sir Marx, you do not mean that!?" Reulen surprisingly asked.

"Yes, we are taking the city of Fargova. I will tell you of the details as soon as you change your mind. For the mean time, I will keep such information a mystery for you to decide. Till then, I hope that you would decide wisely." Marx left Reulen.

City of Fargova, Hospital

Kurogane on his bed woke up, looking at his surroundings he noticed that he is already at the hospital. He tried to rise from bed however his wounds and injuries started to ache which made him unable to stand. The nurse tried to stop him and asked him to calm down and rest. Kurogane left with no choice decided to lie down, closed his eyes and calmed his mind. However the incident last two days still bugs him.

"Marx... the leader of the group responsible of the collapse of the Azeroth Parliament." Kurogane mumbled to himself.

Suddenly, somebody entered the room dressed in a formal attire. He was surrounded by bodyguards dressed in black uniform, the two bodyguards gave the old man a seat and stood beside him. After the old man sat down, he began his conversations with the wounded Kurogane. After the long conversation with him, old man in formal attire then stood up and then looked outside the window and said something that shocked Kurogane.

"With regards to the incidents that happened these days, I believe that you have something to do with it. And I also believe that you were the one, rumored to be the outcast from the province of Asthelga." The old man said to him.

Hearing this Kurogane was shocked, surprised on how the old man knew about him.He asked the old man in a rude manner which made the old man's bodyguards angry at him. "Who do you think you are!?" They said angrily to him. The old man however calmed down his bodyguards and told them to keep still then he revealed himself to Kurogane.

"I am Duke Arturus Fliendel, the governor of this city. I came here to ask a little favor of you, young man." The Duke faced him.

"Apologies for my rude conduct earlier. However about the favor, what can I do for you?" Kurogane replied.

"First I would like to listen to my story and our situation these past days. Are you interested about what this old man has to say to you young man?" The Duke asked.

The Duke began to tell his story to Kurogane, telling him of the mysterious events that happened to the city before he came. Kurogane was surprised to know about these mysterious events including the involvement of Marx's group of the incident. It was alrealdy afternoon when the Duke finished his story. Kurogane remained to be in shock, could not believe that his brother may be involved in the recent incidents.

"I don't know how much I could help you with your problems. But I'll try my best, I once fought with one of their members. His name is Reulen Villorth, his power is to manipulate fire, however his abilities is far more dangerous than the ones that I have seen." Kurogane said.

"Reulen Villorth, you could not mean the one who's causing those incidents is him!?" The Duke shockingly asked.

"I am not sure yet of the details, however if he came from Marx's group probably they are the ones responsible. They are known to be casters of Fire, and feared by the Parliament's armies during the civil war of that Kingdom." Kurogane explained.

"So, you are saying that it's them the same group that took down the Parliament government of Azeroth are now on the move in taking our city from us?" The Duke again asked.

"Yes, I am certain... that fire technique was not also an ordinary ability. Just like what I heard from rumors surrounding on them, they are no ordinary group." Kurogane replied to the Duke.

"Could you stop them for us?" The Duke asked him again once more.

Kurogane replied, "I am not sure if I can stop them, my power maybe resistant to fire. However, that Reulen guy seems to be pretty powerful to give me a hard time."

"I see... So this Reulen guy, different from the others?" The Duke asked.

"I am not that of certain, I only fought him once and it seems like he was only forced by them." Kurogane said.

"I see, what a strange coincidence... In the distant land of Guang, a coup is happening days ago throwing that kingdom into chaos. It said that the rebels had already conquered most of the regions of the southern part of the kingdom. Rumors also say that the Royal Army is loosing on to them, and it will be a matter of time until the rebels would defeat the Royal Throne." The Duke said.

"A coup, in the Kingdom of Guang?" Kurogane surprisingly said then continued, "I heard that the Clans were still loyal to their King, I guess it will be impossible for the Royal throne to be defeated with the support from them."

"That if they still have the loyalty of the Clans to their side..." The Duke suddenly became silent.

"You can't mean that!?" Kurogane exclaimed.

"Yes, the leaders of the Clans themselves revolted against the Royal throne. As we all know, the kingdom relies deeply of the five clans. However now with them who is turning their backs against the king, it would be soon until the Clans would take over the kingdom. With that, the things that we feared in the past would happen sooner." The Duke said.

"I see..." Kurogane asked.

"I guess I'll be going now. It's getting dark and I still have more thing to do. Don't bother to see me once you have already made up your mind." The Duke stood up and left.

Before the Duke opened the door, Kurogane asked him another question asking him on how did the Duke know him. The Duke smiled in reply and then said, "I guess you have already forgotten, I am an old friend of your father's in Asthelga. You were still very young at that time, I moved in to this city five years later after knowing my late grandfather passed away."

"Oh, I see..." Kurogane replied.

The Duke left the room with his bodyguards, the wounded Kurogane still couldn't move because of his wounds continued to rest in his bed. In his mind, he thinks of his decision whether he should help the old friend of his father or not. Meanwhile, Marx's group began to move in the outskirts of the city. It will be of some time until they will start their move to take the city. A fierce and bloody fight will begin soon during the silence of the night.

End of Chapter 5...