Ever felt like shit?

Answer honestly people.

If the answer is yes then give yourself a pat on the back. You're my kind of person. The kind that say fuck happy endings, screw preppy shit.

That's not for you. Well I'm like that too. Name's Jayden Klinder. Pretty average boring name, huh? I grew up in Los Angeles, California in a nice suburban neighborhood. Things were great up until five, when my seemingly happy parents split. Apparently my dad was having an affair with some woman he worked with. So, mom got custody of me and dad got custody of my older brother Tory.

Living with my mother wasn't so bad, but then she became depressed, after finding out dad married the woman he had the affair with. That's when she stopped caring about me.

When dad's new wife got pregnant, mom got worse. She started beating me. I know some of you are probably thinking she got drunk and started doing this.

Well you're wrong.

She beat my ass completely sober, it happened usually when she looked at me. Things got better when I was ten, that was around the time she got married again, to this guy she used to know in high school. Shane Lewis.

As far as I was concerned the guy was a deadbeat douche bag, no job, no car, nothing. He was nothing but a low life drunk, yet my mom supported him, even got some high paying secretary job.

When I was left alone with Shane he would beat and molest me. The creep had not a single shred of remorse, only the sick desire to see me in pain.

I was still a virgin by all means, considering Shane liked to touch, but certainly no saint. Around twelve is when I started doing drugs, anything I could get my hands on, usually just stealing Tory's.

I dared not tell my dad what was going on, considering I blamed him for everything. I wanted no ones pity.

I'm not some suicidal teen wishing for death or a crazy junkie. The only thing that matters to me is seeing my mom happy, the only person I have besides from my brother and half sister, Paris.

Don't get me wrong, I would like a normal family, who wouldn't?

But those are wants and besides I'm just as screwed up as Shane and my mom.

There is no happy ending for me, just life and most likely death.

Don't cry folks, the story gets a little better, I get even more fucked up.

How's that possible, you ask.

Well let just say I have a little sibling attraction.

This would be a good time to go to another story, one less sick than mine- Jayden Klinder

You don't really have to go. Jayden can be such a drama queen sometimes, read more at your own risk.