A/N: May contain words of a disturbing nature. You have been warned.


Now and again
There'll be a bloodbath.

All of your veins went

The arteries tear and
The nerves pull back.

Falling heart.
Corrode in the stomach.

I'm cut across the neck.
There are slashes in the throat.
Sewn-up lids. Blotched eyelashes
Tear through me tenderly.

Bullet holes across the chest
Slits and stitchesplague the skin.
BodyCrumples. Body Tramples.
Torture. Please. Torturewithin.

I adore it when I internally bleed.
Crying acid. Bleeding silence.
Cuttingmeat. Stabbed through violence.

Torn limbs.
(don't you think they're beautiful?)

Mouthful of blood.
Lips stainedwith vomit.
Coughing up
The septic gullet.

i lost my eyeit's time to die

Don't take the medicine.
Leave the drugs upon the counter.

Who needs plasters
Fuck these bandages!

If I don't heal on my own.
I won't heal at all.

Ladies and Gentlemen.
(whores and tramps)
I don't think I want to rot on your floor.
I stand up.
I'm useless. Yeah, honey, I'm worthless.
But, hey, I'm clean.
I'm disgusting no more.