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Pray for Rain

I walk along the dingy sidewalk that leads to my apartment. In the distance, I hear thunder and I know that a storm is going to be coming. A light drizzle is beginning to fall, as the last vestiges of sunlight fade behind dark clouds laden with water.

As I walk, I think of you. I remember how you used to love the rain. Every time a storm would come, you'd grab me by the arm and shout, "Come on, Bradley! Let's go out and play in the rain!"

I would always push you away and tell you that I didn't like getting wet and that it probably wasn't safe but you'd keep on bugging me, until I'd finally give in. You would hoot and holler, and all but drag me out of the house.

By far, the most vivid recollection of our ventures into the rain was on a brisk November evening, when we had our very first kiss.

It had started out sunny and bright, but then the clouds started rolling in. You looked up to the sky and smiled. I remember asking you what that grin was all about. You just turned to me and said, "You'll see."

When we returned to the apartment, you sat down at the window seat and stared out into the fading light of day, that smile still playing about your lips.

As I sat down next to you, the rain slowly began to fall. You didn't move an inch, until it really started pouring, then you jumped from your seat and pulled me up with you.

"Come on!" you shouted and, that time, I didn't complain. I followed you out into the freezing cold night.

You ran out in front of me, laughing and circling, looking like a dancer with your limbs flashing and your face showing a rapture that I could not understand, but which infiltrated me

I ran up behind you as you stopped and looked up to the sky. I pulled you into my arms and we stood just like that, the rain falling all around us. Then, you looked up into my eyes, and I felt myself succumbing to those grey eyes, so very much like the landscape around us.

My hand flew up to your dripping face and traced its contours. You leaned into the touch. Next thing I knew, I felt myself leaning forward and our lips touched.

The kiss was not demanding or insistent, just steady and beautiful, like the rain. Warmth spread throughout my body even as the freezing cold rain soaked me to the bone. Nothing mattered but the way our lips touched, the way our tongues danced in each other's mouths, and how you felt in my arms.

When we parted, I felt as if a piece of me were missing. I wanted to kiss you forever. Who needed to breathe, when I felt your lips upon mine? Who needed to eat, when you fulfilled my every need with your presence?

But now you're gone. Everything about you that made me complete has disappeared and I'm left broken and alone. I know you didn't want to go, that you couldn't refuse Death's beckoning call, but I still feel betrayed. How could you lie in the cold ground, feeling nothing, while I'm stuck in the world of the living? A mere shell going about its daily routines? Is your soul dancing in the rain somewhere beyond the plane of existence without me?

I am left here, sitting in this window seat with nothing to do but wait, and pray for the time when we can meet again. With nothing to do but to pray for rain.