Keep it check
This temper of mine
Watch me lash my frustrations on innocent doors-
Knocking it shut on a possible outcome.
If the door's closed, I'll leap out the window-
(Leap of faith)
For a chance to fly.
My hands are as black and blue as my heart.
They're amazing at causing destruction, to both me and you but-
Pull your punches.
Soften the blow.
I'll get back on my feet.
This window's not too far up-
If the wind doesn't catch me right,
I'm sure I'll just land catlike.
Thing is- I feel like I'm in detention.
(Probably for the destruction of doors.
Watch me blow THEM off their hinges though.
They won't have anything more to bitch about.)
So I'll finish writing these lines-
"I forgive you"- a hundred times-
And then you might believe it's true.