I keep thinking of awful things to say to you
And the worst part is that they're all true
Don't you realize what I had to do
To take you back the first time?

I fought my own identity
But you don't see, you don't see
I gave up a part of me
But you don't notice, you don't see
I controlled the urge to speak freely
I refused to be what I wanted to be
I laid myself down at your feet
But you didn't see, you didn't see!

A strong woman
Full of pride
Full of venom and backbone and sense
- would be the product of my life thus far -
- would scorn the caricature that we are -
- would not have folded to you as I did that first time.

Maybe you should ask someone else-
Someone who knows me- and respects me!
How much it must have cost me
To lay all that down for you.
Ask him; he'll know
Because I didn't have enough willpower
To give in when it was him in your place.

Or maybe I had more respect for myself.