Some of the earliest photos are black and white. Rare scenes from a childhood she had barely remembered. A baby lovingly held in her parents arms, a young child sitting on the swing in the garden of the first place she called home. Then there were all the family photos taken every Christmas. The only time that distant relatives would gather for a feast and empty gossip. And every year the young girl in those photos was that little bit taller, her hair was that little bit longer, until the one photo where she looks about thirteen and her hair was cut to just below her shoulders.

When the colour photos are found, the golden blone of her hair is revealed and it matched well with the blue dress she wears as she sits on the sand with a friend. There are many photos of this day where the teenage group enjoy the sand sun and sea. Photos of friends buried to their waiste in the sand, of a hactic game of cricket and of them all huddling together smiling from the enjoyment of the day.

Soon a young man features in the pictures as much as she. Often embarcing as they smilingly look foreward. He's handsome, as is she, both young, so happy. The nicest is the one where she is wearing the white dress, him the black suite, the first to dance at the wedding. Her frozen face almost glows as she gazes into his eyes.

Then follow images of young smiling children. You can tell their hers. The eldest is a girl who could have been mistaken for the young girl on the swing and the boy has her smile. Most of these photos are tittled and dated on the back so as to never forget why these moments needed capture.Every one of them filled with smiles and colour. The day trips where they line infront of the tourist atractments. Birthdays, Christmas, The Halloween costumes, the parks, the beaches, school trips.

The gaps in the photos become larger as the years go by, but they don't stop. She changes. She grows. The golden hair slowly replaced by gray. Her skin filling with lines of age. Together they grow. The last photo of the husband and wife is of them in a garden, his arm around her shoulder, her kissing him on his cheek. Then he's gone. She is surrounded then only by reletives and friends.

The final photos are so different from the ones in the begining. They are of an old woman so far from the girl on the swing. Only, the smile is the same.

John lifted the box of dusty old albums and dumped them in the car. The house was perfect; Two bedrooms, aliving room, even a study. Of course there was a bit of work neccasary; some painting, the bannister on the stairs needed fixing and then all the junk in the basement. Only one more car trip to the dump and the place would be clear for him and his new wife to start ntheir new life together...

This needs to be improved but I am not really sure how. Any suggestions are much appreciated.