It's so cold, cold, cold
In your bed
the shadows on your walls
Seem to play a game of
Hide and seek, teasing me
With their fake care
(you know plenty about that)

It's so cold, cold, cold
In your arms
Though strong, I never feel safe
You hold me as if I'm a piece
Of fragile china
You smile even though you're
And you say you're still learning
(learning how to love I guess)

They're so cold, cold, cold
Your lips are like morphine
Poison so sweet but deadly
(then why do I go back for more?)

It's so warm, warm, warm
You lay beside me, lips
Pressed against my cheek
Telling me stories of how we'll
Still be
together when we're old and grey
You tell me you love me and I smile
(I love you too)

Then I wake up

In your cold bed
The shadows playing games
But you're not there

I stifle a sob. Because you never were.