like most words

trust is broken
(and i'm bleeding too much to care).

and you would be the one to help me
carve words into my skin. you blew words at
me as if my feelings were nothing (and i stood
silent, shaking, wanting desperately to show you
my scars and ask you how much you think this
hurts). even if you were to cut my tongue off,
words would still be here (and they were never
spoken but written almost as much as i ble(e)d).
and i apologized like everything was my fault.
wouldn't you like to know that i carried guilt
for weeks, numb but not even bleeding
i pretended nothing even happened.

(she and i were suicide waiting to happen,
it took so much to convince me i still have
such wonderful things to live for.)

you are just another reminder of why
i can't be perfect (these thoughts mix
with scars just to bring me down).