Ellisha stared stupidly as the dream angel thrust out his sword, ready. His musket was swung behind his back, as if he were saving it for some other time. Ellisha froze in awe at the way his icy blue eyes gleamed with steady concentration, ready to strike all of his opponents. Ellisha cocked her head as she watched the redcoats suddenly stop right in front of Andy, their noses barely a few inches apart.

Andy snickered at the demons in front of him. "What do ye want?" he asked, surprisingly in colonial dialect.

The foot soldiers silently parted to make way for their general, who was mounted on a flaming steed. "Art thou a fool?" the general snickered as he glared coldly into Andy's eyes "Thy arms art not strong enough to defeat us."

Ellisha was a bit surprise when she caught a hesitant look on Andy's face, but disappeared as fast as it came. "Bring it on." Andy challenged in his usual modern day way.

The commander demon shot Ellisha a glance so cold that only God could withstand it. Ellisha quickly looked away.

The general then cleared his throat. "Well then," he said in a cold, taunting tone, "Thou hast been warned. Troops, ATTACK!"

The "British" soldiers marched quickly and in order towards Andy. Their paced footsteps faintly reminded Andy of a drum. He quickly refocused when he saw the soldiers take their positions neatly and in order. He hesitated a bit, a dirty blond strand floating in the cold breeze. He felt a bit alone; for the soldiers were both strategic and many. His sword felt clammy in his hand. He had to use it.

Quickly, and efficiently, the soldiers skillfully fired their muskets at the lone angel. Andy spread his wings and, literally, flew towards the troops, dodging and stabbing at the same time. Ellisha noted that each one that he stabbed disappeared in a puff of smoke brimmed with flames.

Andy dashed many a soldier with his sword; yet, he felt as if he had accomplished nothing. It was as if millions of soldiers were replacing each one that died!

Unknown to him, however, Ellisha was silently crawling away from the battlefield. Her big black eyes were frozen in fear. She did not dare to look back; she felt that if she did, thousands of demons would grab her and drag her to Hell. No, the fear was too strong, so strong only Dr. Blackwell could measure up to it.

She shivered at the memory of the doctor. There was something about him that she didn't like...and it wasn't that he was always making her life a living nightmare. Besides the mental torment he indirectly inflicted towards her, she felt as if he was hiding something even bigger then that...something that no one else could imagine, not even the angel, boy whatever he was.

Sweat soaked her brow, but she didn't dare stop to wipe it. She was getting further and further away from the battle, and she wasn't going to stop yet. Relief was so close, she could taste it. She desperately wanted to go home, but not to the overprotective, blind people she had for parents. No, she wanted to go home, where Matthew was still alive, her parents were normal, and most of all, Dr. Blackwell was nowhere near them. Ellisha felt tears flow down her cheeks. What beautiful life that was. Her brother was annoying at times, but most of all, he was such an affectionate kid. He would give her hugs when she was sad, greet her with a warm hug when she came back from school...

And it all ended in a mere second.

Ellisha paused for a moment to sooth her choking lungs. She struggled to hold back her tears, causing her chest pain. When she retained her composure, she glanced around the bizarre world she had entered. Why she had entered the 18th century dream world she had no idea, but she did know that it had something to do with Andy. Yeah, she knew full well that he was her dream angel or something, but what exactly was he protecting her from? Why were those demon thingies after her anyways? And why couldn't Andy remember her? He was somewhat conscious when she had found him lying on that empty road. But, then again, he was almost dead. Of course there had to be a chance that he would forget something that happened right before he died, right?

"Where art thou going, lass?" a voice asked suddenly.

Ellisha turned around and saw the British "general", giving her an ice cold glare. He had several comrades at his side, ready for action. Ellisha felt her bones go numb. Sweat poured over her cold, pale skin. She weakly tried to back away from the demons before her, but it was too late. Bound and gagged, she was led away at gunpoint.

Andy lashed his sword at a demon soldier, causing him to disappear. He could feel his muscles getting weaker and weaker; his hand becoming weary from the fight. The soldiers kept on coming after him, shooting and brandishing their swords. This is the end, Andy thought in despair, I failed my mission. I'm sorry God...

Andy closed his eyes as the soldiers raised their muskets professionally, as they were trained for executions. Andy waited for the fire, his body tense. But nothing happened. He opened one eye to see what was going on. What he saw made his eyes pop open.

The soldiers were all gone!

Andy sank down on his knees in relief. Well that was a close one... he thought, his heart steadily regaining its proper beat.

"Well Ellisha, its all over," he called out. "You can come out of your hiding place, scaredy cat!"

Andy waited for a response that never came. Thinking that she just might be joking around, he called out again.


Andy was now getting extremely concern. He scrutinized every corner of ever alley in the city. All he found were scared citizens and grateful people.

"Well this isn't going very well," he muttered angrily to himself. "Who does she think she is for getting lost?"

Frustrated, he sat down on a log, thinking. He hated this job, but he didn't hate Ellisha. Even though she was kinda annoying at times, for some reason, he felt some kind of connection towards her. As if he knew her. But of course, that was utterly impossible. How could he have known her? He had barely met her several hours ago. Angrily, Andy shook off the feeling. Right now, he should be concentrating on finding Ellisha.

"Excuse me sir, but are you well?"

Andy looked up to see a beautiful girl of fourteen. Her blue eyes matched the sky, and her chestnut curls reached her breasts. She was dressed interestingly immodest for that age; her skirt didn't cover her ankles, and collar was a bit lower then the general style. Probably a neighborhood flirt, Andy thought.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine," he muttered.

"You do not seem fine," the girl purred. "If you come with me, I will give you rest..."

Tired, Andy angrily looked up at her to shoot some nasty words, but was instantly mesmerized by her hypnotic, blue eyes. "...Sure..." he said absently.

Giving him a coy smile, the girl led him to a dark building across the road. Andy knew that there was something terribly wrong with what he was doing, but his body seemed to be out of his mind's control. The girl led him into a dark room. "You seem tired," she repeated, giving him an alluring gaze, "Let me help you rest..."

She lured him to a beautiful, large bed. Lying him down, she began to kiss him passionately. With that, the doors closed, and Andy's mind lost track of time...

And of his duty.