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Chapter 20

"I am so stupid!"

"I beg to differ," a voice behind me said. I turned around to see Tyler. In case you're confused, it was the night of the play. Actually, it was opening night. My heart was beating a thousand times faster than it normally did. I smiled at him like I had rehearsed plenty of times over the past couple of months. He responded by smiling back; just as he rehearsed plenty of times over the past couple of months. It was almost the ending. It was the last scene. It was the scene where both of us confess our feelings for each other and when we kiss. The music started to play and soon both of us were singing the one song we could never in a million years forget. We went through the song beautifully and as he spun me into his arms, I whispered three little words.

"I love you," I said low enough so the microphone didn't pick up. He smiled at me and we both met each other halfway to share the kiss we'd rehearsed many times. We got whistles and claps from the crowd. We broke apart and smiled at each other. He spun me out and the two of us bowed as the rest of the cast joined us. We waved and the lights came on and everyone got out of their seats. The play was over. For that night at least.

"ALLISON! TYLER!" Mrs. Cornwall shouted in a perky tone. We turned around to see her smiling. She pulled the two of us into a tight hug and I could hardly breathe. "The two of you did an excellent job. Bravo! Brava!" She let us go and made her way somewhere else to go greet some people. We grinned at each other when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around to see Natalie with a huge grin spread across her face. She pulled me into a hug and we both laughed.

"You guys rocked. Awesome job! You made my play come to life," she laughed. I placed a hand on my hip and gave her a stern look.

"That reminds me. I need to kill you!" I said slightly above my normal voice. She gulped.

"What's that? Coming mom!" Natalie said before running off the stage. I huffed and turned my attention back to Tyler for a quick moment. I did my best to give him a pleasant smile while on the inside I was a hunter about ready to jump its prey.

"Excuse me, love. I must go and kill your sister," I grinned. He laughed and pointed off in the direction she ran in.

"Be my guest babe. I've waited for this moment my entire life," he chuckled. I gave him a quick kiss before running after Natalie screaming battle cries. In case you still have no idea as to why I wanted to kill her: she was an evil wench. She wrote the play alright…based around MY love life. The nerve of her. Well I was finally going to get her back. That was until I was stopped by a forceful arm snaking around my waist. I stumbled back a bit and looked to see who stopped me from my vicious murder.

"Not so fast darling," Chase cooed in my ear. I pulled his arm off of me and glared at him. He only smiled at me. "Going somewhere?"

"Yes. I'm going to go murder Natalie. Have you seen her anywhere?" I replied offering him a big toothy grin. He shook his head as he laughed at me. Over the past couple of months Chase and I have bonded to be pretty good friends again. Even Tyler and Chase are the best of friends. Including dear old Patty of course. But what I couldn't believe was that Chase actually had a romance of his own. His name was Brad and they'd been dating for a little over a month now. It was cute. Brad was the right guy for Chase. I must admit that I found it weird that one of my best guy friends/ex-boyfriend was gay. I just needed time to get used to it. But I digress…

"I'm afraid I haven't, but you and Tyler did an amazing job," he smiled before he pulled me into a hug. I couldn't help but blush at the compliment.

"Doesn't the guy with a cookie get a hug?" I heard a voice behind me say. I turned around so quick I thought I was going to give myself a concussion. My smile widened the most it could and I scooped Patrick into a hug. Oh, and for all you Natalie/Patrick shippers out there, they were still going strong. In fact, they were a shoe in for cutest couple. "Much better. You see, now I feel loved."

"We wouldn't want dear old Patty to feel unloved now would we?" I grinned as I pulled away from the tight embrace. "Have you seen your girlfriend perhaps?" He nodded and pointed in a random direction. I kissed him on the cheek and took off running. Well as best as I could with heels on. Damn costume. I finally found her hiding in a corner and I took a cupcake from the food table next to us and smashed it in her face. Her mouth dropped and she took a cupcake and smashed it in my face. This went on for another five minutes before the security guard at our school broke us apart. As we cleaned ourselves off we laughed and gave each other a hug. Pfft, she was just lucky I forgave her.


I sighed as I wiped the last section of my make-up off my face. I stepped into my room and changed into a pair of dark grey sweatpants that were low on my hips and a baby blue tank top. I took all of my dark brown hair and pulled it into a high ponytail. I took a seat on my bed when I heard a faint knock on my door. "Come in," I said. The door creaked as it opened slowly. My mom stepped in a little bit into my room with a small smile on her face.

"You did great tonight, honey," she said sweetly. I grinned at her; a genuine grin filled with flattery and accomplishment. "Who knew you could act so well? Though, I've always known you were a great singer and dancer."


"Oh yeah," my mom laughed. She walked over and took a seat on her bed beside me. "When you were little you used to always perform at Thanksgiving. You had this song you made up. Called the "Turkey Song". You were never creative with titles though."

"I remember that!" I shouted in realization. I laughed at the vague memory. All of my relatives would sit around my grandparent's couch and I'd get up and perform with my cousin Alexa. We made up this really outrageous dance and would sing too. "How did it go again?" I paused for a moment. "I remember now! Hey there; hey there little turkey. I have a secret to tell. Hey there; hey there little turkey. I have a secret to tell and I can't help but yell; it's too cool and this secret rules. Hey there; hey there little turkey. Guess what? Guess what? I have a secret to tell and it sure is grand. I'm going to eat you little turkey! Yes I am. You're so yummy little turkey; so yummy in my tummy!"

"Gobble gobble; gobble gobble," we sang in unison. We suddenly burst into a hysterical laughter. It'd been so long since my mother and I shared a good laugh. It was nice.

"Hey mom?"

"Yeah?" she replied as her giggles started to die down. I smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. She seemed a little shocked at first but hugged me back.

"Thanks," I whispered. She pulled back and tucked a strand of hair that fell out of ponytail behind my ear.

"Thanks for what sweetie?"

"Look, I know I said I never wanted to move here and that I'd hate you for the rest of my life for bringing me here but I'm over it now. And actually, I guess I owe a lot to you guys. After all, if it weren't for moving here I may have never met Tyler," I grinned. She gave me one of her motherly, all-knowing smile.

"You really like this boy, don't you?" she asked grinning as if she already knew the answer. I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

"How could you tell?" I giggled. My mom slightly chuckled as if a funny memory filled her thoughts. I waited in anticipation to hear her answer.

"Well first of all, I'm a mother and mothers know everything and anything. Remember that. And it was pretty obvious when you guys were making out at the auditions." My mouth literally dropped; which cause my mom to start laughing. I smiled and suddenly the floor became the most interesting thing on the planet.

"We were not making out," I mumbled. My mom laughed harder at that. I decided to change the subject to end my humiliation. "Mom, I love you." She stopped laughing and raised an eyebrow at me.

"What do you want?" she asked eyeing me suspiciously; though, I could see the humor fill her eyes. I gave her an innocent smile.

"Why do you always think I want something from you? Can't I just tell you how I love you without wanting anything in return?"

"No. And whatever it is you aren't getting it," she said before standing up. My mouth dropped again. She smiled at me and walked out of the room. I laughed and turned off my light before drifting off to sleep.


It was the day. It finally came. I glanced over at Natalie and shared a small smile. Neither of them knew what was coming. Those silly boys. They thought we forgot and forgave them for their little scare on us that one night…boys could be so naïve. We stepped out of the car and met Tyler, Chase, Patrick, and Brad in the parking lot. They were so oblivious…excluding Brad of course. He was the third one involved in all of it. He never did anything to us plus we needed his help. We pulled the most embarrassing prank anyone has ever done to a guy. We stepped onto campus and I glanced at Brad and Natalie. They both nodded. The plan was set in motion. As we continued into the school all three boys stopped dead in their tracks and were appalled at the sight they saw.

Tyler glanced at me and I gave him an innocent look. The pure fear on his face was enough to make me giggle. But he kept opening and closing his mouth as if he wanted to speak but couldn't. Patrick just widened his eyes and Chase…he kept blinking as if he were trying to make the image in front of him go away with his psychic powers. Finally, Tyler was able to speak. To our pleasure, he only spoke one word.


"Tyler! My little pumpkin!" she shouted. Tyler cringed at the nickname. The plan worked because her little nickname caught the attention of most of the student body that was outside. I stifled another giggle. Tyler's mom came over and gave Tyler a hug and a peck on the cheek. She turned to me and smiled.

"Hello Allison," she said with a wink.

"Hey Mrs. Heart," I grinned.

"Oh, call me Nancy hun," she said with a small smile gracing her lips. Mrs. Heart had slightly curly, dark brown hair that barely fell beneath her shoulders. She had very subtle make-up on and had blue, sparkling eyes. Her facial features clearly revealed that she was definitely Tyler Aaron Heart and Natalie Aurora Heart's mother. She turned back to her son and pulled him back into a tight hug and kissed him on both cheeks.

"Moooom! You're embarrassing me," he whispered fiercely. Nancy laughed and smiled at her son.

"Oh you haven't seen anything yet dear," she giggled. I turned and saw Patrick's mom approaching as well. She had pin straight, platinum blonde hair that fell to the upper middle of her back. She wore a white shirt with a black jacket and a matching black skirt to go with it. Her black heels clanked against the pavement as she took steps towards her pride and joy. She grinned and placed his head in her hands.

"There's my little Patty Watty!" she said in a slight baby voice. Natalie and I burst into an uncontrollable laughter. I glanced up in time to see Patrick blush and roll his eyes. He whispered something and his mom frowned a bit. "Oh sweetie, is someone being a Krabby Patty?" I laughed really hard at the Spongebob reference. Patrick groaned and exchanged looks with Tyler. Natalie took a moment from her laughter to inform me her name was Cheryl. Next and certainly not least was Chase's mom. His mom had dark red hair that fell in layers. She had on a jean skirt that reached her knees and a long sleeved, black top and had a pair of black boots. I was so caught up in my laughter that I missed what Debbie, Chase's mom, said to him.

"What are you all doing here?" Tyler asked. Suddenly, he didn't need to know because he already knew the answer. He turned to me and narrowed his eyes. "You." I glanced around and then pointed to myself with a questioning look. Out of nowhere he tore away from his mom and started to chase me. I screamed and ran for my life. Sadly, he caught up with me eventually and he tackled me onto the grass and straddled me so I couldn't get up. I smirked at him.

"We're even Tyler Aaron Heart," I said confidently. He chuckled and shook his head.

"Not quite, love."

He started to tickle my sides and I burst into laughter. I begged him to stop but he didn't. I laughed so hard it started to hurt…but someone calling his name stopped him.

"HEY DUDE! GREAT BABY PICTURES!" one of Tyler's other friends yelled out to him. Panic came across his face. "LOVE THE DUCKS!"

"NO! NOT THE DUCKS! MOM GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM!" Tyler shouted as he ran away from me to get his mother. I giggled and stared up at the blue sky. Things were finally settling into place. I found the love of my life and a few great friends. I couldn't really say I lived happily ever after because as long as Shelby Collins is alive then there is no happily ever after. However, I knew I'd never have a dull moment for the rest of my entire life as long as I was with Tyler, dear old Patrick, Natalie, and Chase. And to think…it all started with a fall…maybe I should trip more often.

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