richie and me smoke a whole blunt in the back of an elementary school

and he wants to know why aren't you stronger and i take another hit to prove him wrong

they don't teach grammar in schools like this and the bluntwrap is cracked but i can

still manage to get wrapped with one breath and it's when i'm losing myself that

knock, knock on the scraped window : teacher wants the students to stop

learning themselves high and we don't lie

we run 'cause you can't break the ties between me and him and the streets

it's not feas

able to be legal and smoke : no

i'd rather choke on his fix (why aren't you strong

er) they don't teach punctuation in schools like this but we learn exactly how to stop

ash. from falling to the ground

i forget everything i wanted to learn back when i had straight a's and curls

and it's by the time that i'm smoking and delinquent and always late to work

that richie asks me why aren't you

stronger and i light another cigarette and smirk