A poem I just thought of, a topic everyone knows so well...enjoy...


There is something

tugging at my heart strings

prodding at my conscious

and bristling angrily at my ignorance

It does not only gnaw at me on the inside

it flickers across my face

family and friends worry

what has me troubled so?

The thing laughs at me cruelly

it is tearing me in two

why is something so simple

torturing me so much?

My words come out broken

my own thoughts are strangers

I am still alive

but not for long

Soon I must admit its name

or admit defeat

but am I strong enough to face this?

or am I going to twist it around once again?


this time I shall not tell

a lie but

a truth

Lying is my problem

Guilt is my purser

But the truth

The truth is what will set me free

OK ok i know the last line is cliche and everything but it sounded better than the rest of the things i was considering putting in there...i would really appreciate a review on this and as you know i return them...

FYI: i don't lie ( for those of you who were wondering) this was just a poem