I used to have a way with words

I used to know darkened beauty

My head used to be filled with poems and romance

I used to feel mystery

But the world got into my bones

Slithering and writhing monster

Monster of ignorance and the ordinary

Beast of routine, with jaws of monotony

I am no longer capable of genius

Or acts of beauty

I used to dream of demons

But life got in my head

And I can no longer speak to the dead

I no longer know fear, dread, or inspiration

I don't know how to believe

To look past what I perceive

The Lord of the Forest has withdrawn his gifts

My master Mammon no longer smiles at me

And Beelzebub no longer crashes through the night sky

Riding in a blazing chariot hammered from damned souls

I am no longer the empty tower

I am no longer the ancient gods

I no longer walk through the night

To dive in shadows with my dream lover

I am no longer the charmer

I am no longer the God Outside

My companions have forsaken me

Along with my art

I sit and think of past glory

But I can't do that too much longer

Tomorrow is another day

And I have to get up early to work

And there is so much important stuff to do

I have to get a proper education

I have to sell my soul to survive

Will someone help me to love myself?

Nothing, no one, nobody

Is what I am

If I wasn't fettered to ties that bind

If I could just lose my mind