Chapter 1

I believe that destiny is already planned out for you. I never did when I was young and oblivious. My best friend in the whole world got taken away from me, and I'm still alive. Grace had golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her name suited her well, for she was as graceful as a swan. I always thought that I should have been the one who died but, destiny, destiny kept me alive.

We were only four years old when we first met. We've been friends ever since then. We did everything together. We'd ride our bikes to school together, we didn't live very far from the school and each other. We also had sleep-overs every weekend at each other's homes. We even had our first boyfriends in tenth grade together. You may think that this is unusual, but to us we think it's normal. We've always had little fights, but we'd make up with in an hour after the argument. It was like a type of friendship that little girls would dream of.

Even our parents became great friends. They would get together in the summer and take us to the beach. We'd have fun playing in the water and the sand, while they had fun talking and laughing. We always laughed too. We were even laughing before the... accident.

We used to talk about how when we get married we'll be each other's maid of honor and our children will grow up together and be the best of friends like we were. We even thought we were going to live right next to each other. I remember that conversation like it was yesterday.


"Yeah, Grace?"

"Do you think we'll grow up together? Like when we get married you'll be my maid of honor, and I'll be yours?"

"Of course, and we'll even live next to each other in these big beautiful homes!" I said.

"Yeah! And our kids will grow up together and be best friends like us."

"We'll be friends forever."

"Forever and ever." I said as we drifted in to a sleep. We're only ten years old and we're already thinking about our futures.

As the years go by we started to like boys and shop for clothes a lot. We would go to the mall every other weekend, and use our own hard earned money may I add. Yes, we had a job, we were self employees. We made different crafts, like jewelry and pins. It was so much fun, and we made a lot of money, too. I remember when were trying to figure out a name for our "company".

"I think it should be called T&G"

"Why does it have to be T&G? Why can't it be G&T?" retaliated Grace.

"Okay, something that doesn't involved our names?"

"Okay. Let's see..." she said as she was tapping her finger on her lip. "Oh! How about Cutie Beauty? Or Gracefully Tristing!"

"Gracefully Tristing???"

"Ya it has both of our names in it silly."

"Grace... be rational, would you go and buy something from a place called Gracefully Tristing??" I asked in a sarcastic manner. "Plus I said something that doesn't involve our names... remember?"

"Hah. Oh yeah, oops. I don't even know if tristing is a word! What have you come up with?"

"Angel's Heaven"

"Ooh I like! Angel's Heaven... sounds so... angelic!" she says with a little laugh. "Angel's Heaven it is!"

"Cheers to the co-owners of Angel's Heaven!"


Surprisingly we sold a lot of jewelry at craft fairs and on the corner of our streets. That's how we made most of our money, also the fact of both of us being the only child, we had no other source of income. Life was great back then, it was even better as we got older. I truly thought we'd be best friends forever.