The wings torn off my back are crumbled, the feathers lay,
hurled aside, forgotten. Where did the time go?
The blackness of my heart is growing colder, the tears
are permanently etched in my hollow checks, because –
I'm all alone. (And don't you forget it.) The flight
that ended in a never-ending plane crash, but no superman
to catch the aircraft when it fell. What's happening to me?
(You're changing…) I don't want to change. Can't I go
back to paper cut outs and mushy tater-tots?
Can't I go back to building snowmen in the winter time,
and kiddie pools in the summer? (You can't return.)
The phantom spoke of the point of no return, and I
guess this is it. Can't turn around, 'cause my cage is too
cramped. Can't bend my head and cry 'cause the tears
are all gone. Can't make things better 'cause I only
ever make them worst. Can't ever stay young.
(Are you kidding yourself?)