I told you,
did I not?

Did I not say history would repeat?
(it did)
Did I not whisper 'it'll be okay'?
(& it will again)
Did I not tell you not to pursue this denial?
(but in the heat of the summer night
I'll still be here, sitting by your side)

What is this feeling of
i n c o m p l e t i o n
this lack of my
r e p l e t e

"You always have to be right, you know. You'll never change."
what a discreet way of saying
"I've changed and expect you to change to my liking."

I hate what you became
you hate that I'm the same.

Yet, here we are.
Me still picking you up when you're down,
and you admitting defeat.
Knowing full well
-that within a week,
you'll be back to your newish-old ways.
And I'll still be here
just the same.