"So this is the place," he mused. "It's certainly not what I had expected." Lightning flashed overhead, and thunder crackled as the rain poured down, but he was not deterred in his quest. It was do or die a brutal death as far as his master was concerned.

He looked strangely out of place in this town. It was a simple village--the buildings leaned into each other, making it look as though they were doing so for support. A single oak tree was in the town's center, marking the spot where the villages founders had once stood. To the north of the town was a large meadow that farmers often used to graze animals. To the east, there was a road that led to another village.To the south of the town, a dirt road led down to a stream that led into a river that led into an ocean. Fishermen often went down there in hopes of catching fish, but were warned about going too far down the stream, as it was rumoured that several Kelpies lived at the edge of the stream.

And to the west was where he stood, contemplating the very idea of entering the town. He was wearing a light blue tunic, and there was an emblem of the constellation Scorpio on his chest - a testament to where his loyalities were - something that would surely quiet anyone that dared stand in his way.

He strode towards the town, feeling more confident as he took each step closer to the village.

As much as the traveler on the West road wanted to believe that he was alone, he wasn't. There was another traveler on the North road. However, this traveler did not have time to stop and contemplate the possibilities of what he was doing.

He was bent over in an odd position, his dark cloak sheilding whatever he was holding from the stormy weather. If he had had more time, he would've Flown. However, there hadn't been enough time for the ritual. If he had taken the time, she would've died.

He stopped for a moment to look down at what he was holding. He lifted up part of the cloak, and smiled down at her.

"Don't worry, you'll be safe very soon."

A baby with white-blonde hair was sleeping in the blanket that he was holding, swaddled against the cold. He paused only to cover her with the cloak once more, and made sure that she was effectively hidden, before rushing towards the town once more, not stopping to check to see that she was alright. As far as she was concerned, she'd only be alright once they got to the town safely.

Every so often, he'd say something to her. Such as, "There's your new home - the village of Blackshore." or "Your new family will take very good care of you." and the one that he kept repeating was, "I hope we meet again."

She, of course, was asleep te entire time, and wouldn't know what the man was saying to her anyway.

His arms were trembling as he got ever closer to the tiny village. It was then, that he heard a twig snap behind him. His eyes widened. and his heart beat increased twofold. Caustiously, he fished two runes out of his pocket, and tossed them to the ground.


He watched the two runes closely. If there was someone nearby, then the runes would point to their location. However, the runes just stayed still as though he had not commanded them to reveal. He cursed under his breath, and stooped down to get them.

He sighed, and breathed easily once more. Whatever had been in the trees wasn't there anymore. He shook his head, and continued walking towards the village, hoping that he wouldn't encounter anything else, and that his charge would arrive at her destination safely.

He was the sort of mage that many people longed to have on their side - he was able to sense things from a few miles away, something that few mages were ever able to do without the help of runes.

The village was close now, and there wasn't anything that would stop him from murdering the girl. After all, if his master had managed her entire family, he could certainly manage killing just her.

But, he would wait. He had been ordered to wait. It would be worthless to kill her when she wasn't of age.

"Alvena of Aelmont," he said bitterly to the sky. "The Leviathan wishes that you die. He has commanded it - and it will be done."

He cackled to himself, and spat on the ground. His mission was nearing completion.