Returning to this eve,

my footsteps sink deeper as we near the top of the hill.

Sand sucking, feet plunging, I'm gasping for breath

as the sweat slides slick and slippery along my back.

Clawing and spitting the coarse grains away,

I nearly vanish into oblivion.

Suffocation becomes my greatest nightmare,

just as night begins to settle over the crest.

My vision blurs, the world grows blue,

and somewhere amid the constant rasping,

I lose sight of you.

My heart springs up like a flaming weed. (panic)

Cold star-fire tingling in my lungs as the sand catches my legs

and I tumble head-first, reaching blind like a mummy awakened, struggling, screaming, never retiring to the eternal slumber;

Kicking, thrashing, wild heart thumping, my mind is crazed.

Where are you?

Further sinking, heavy, crushing, sleepy, peaceful…

Where are you?

My eyes press close in the following silence.


I really miss writing.