It was raining and thunder roared as lightning flashed across the sky. The wind whipped Marina's long, brown hair from side to side as she struggled against it to reach the doors to the school. Her wet hair was plastered across her face and her shoes squeaked down the hall as she ran to her locker to get her books. Sprinting to class she made it through the door and heaved a sigh of relief when the bell rang after she had made it. Her friend, Sohrea, waved her over to a seat nearby in which she gladly collapsed into. Sighing again, she pulled a dark notebook from her backpack.

'At least it's Friday,' she thought. She was looking forward to hanging out with her friends this weekend.

By the time school ended the rain finally let up. After school Sohrea and she decided to walk by the shops on the way home. The weather changed quickly and the sky darkened significantly. Rain began to pour down on their heads. Neither of them had an umbrella so they ran into a nearby bookshop. Marina let the water drip off her jacket. She took off her backpack and threw her jacket down beside it.

Sohrea began combing through the books. Marina walked around to the back of the bookstore. The walls were filled with unusual books about tarot cards and superstitions. She found one that caught her interest and pulled it from the shelf.

She leafed through the page and skimmed over titles. Chapter 1: Types of Dreams, Chapter 3: How to interpret your past, Chapter 5…She flipped through to the back which contained several blank pages. The tile was Dream Diary. She thought the book looked interesting and decided to purchase it.

Sohrea walked over to her friend and gave the book a curious glance. Lightning flared across the sky as both girls got ready to set out. It was getting late so, despite the storm, they ran out into the rain clutching their jackets over their heads.

As soon as Marina entered the front door, she threw off her shoes and jacket and ran to her room, clutching the book to her chest. She put on a dry change of clothes then sat on her bed and opened the book.

Chapter 1: Dream Types...There are two main types of dreams. Dreams of the past which show you your past lives or the past lives of those closest to you. And there are dreams of the future which show you what may happen in the future, or act like a premonition. Either of these dreams can define you. If they seem jumbled at first they are likely to clear up and become more memorable to the dreamer. Dreams of the future may or may not actually happen depending on the dreamer's reactions to it…

She stopped reading and closed the book as sleep overtook her.

She looked around her. She was on what appeared to be a battlefield. A second glance told her it was a small village. Carnage lay all around her. The carcasses of men, women, and children lay scattered among the remains of charred houses and crows. Nervously, she took a step forward, careful to avoid the bodies.

She looked down and gasped at the sight of blood splattering her clothes. Another odd thing, why was she wearing a plain, old-fashioned looking dress? On the other side of the village she could see mountain peaks. She looked to her left and saw a boy not much older than her. She walked toward him cautiously. She was close enough now to see his face. She recognized it, but she did not know from where. He had a stern look in his eye as if scolding her. A strange thought crossed her mind. He did this, all of this. She didn't know how she knew that, she just did. He wore a dark leather jacket and underneath that she saw an almost see-through white shirt.