My fingers are broken from
Scrawling funny shaped letters
Onto sidewalks with neon
Sharpies forming picture-words and
Funny looking pretty things hoping
Somebody will stop me

But instead they pass by me as
If I'm so invisible a little girl
With flowers at her fingertips but
Their petals are decaying falling
Down into the realms of nonsensicalness
Forms of irony and naivety drooping
To the bottom of the concrete ground

Old men in hats and suspenders tread
Next to my dusty yellow sundress freckled
Nose and eyes glancing at the little dogs
Wrapped up in sweaters made by their
Wives so the canines won't get too cold
In the summers light rays raining
Sunshine drops onto everybody's skin

Boys in skateboards and tight jeans or
Loose jeans doesn't matter really either
Way it's too far to the extreme because
They want their underwear to be seen unlike
Girls who do everything to get rid of that
Curving line but I'm getting off the topic of
These boys who rush past me letting my
Hair get tangled coppery waves crashing
Against the messages I continue to write

I'm eventually so blurry eyed with the
Glare of the sunlight and people who keep
Passing me by shoving their way through
My realities and fantasies drifting into each
Other so tired as I rub away my inspiration
Into the burning ground watching as my
Words melt away into the somethings other
People will say someday I'm so desensitized
By what is art and can't be art and of course
You aren't an artist thinking sentences are
Pictures on a page of what once perhaps was
Maybe imagination

Because everyone is drowning in
Radio and TV screens listening to
Their MP3s getting high off of
Whatever people use these days
While I'm doing it the natural way
With colored pens and concrete
Words and thoughts and the "simple things"

Maybe I really am just a freak with
My mask free face and my boarded
Up soul waiting for someone to look
Through the cracks and tear off the wood
Swimming in the knee deep puddles and
Jumping so I get completely drenched wiping
Away all my insecurities because they are
Just another state of my mind and why
Stay in only one when millionsbillions of
Others wait to be explored and maybe today
I'm just asking you to come with me just
Asking you to stay maybe play me some
Piano underwater just to see if we can

But maybe I'm not really meant for that
Sort of thing other people I mean because
No one seems to understand and I'm a
Little bit a lot alone right now thinking
Maybe this is just how it's supposed to be

So I'll grab my pen and ink and that
One thing that comes from that one
Kind of tree thinking my own thoughts
Doing my own things waiting for
Someone for something just knowing
It will never come