Sometimes I think I'm about to die of a hemorrhagic stroke. My brain will fill with blood and I'll collapse on the sidewalk, almost immediately dead. My crazy nudist neighbor, clad in only a towel, with find me, but not after the other neighbors' dog bites my nuts off (because he's been after them for months). All the doctors will be puzzled because 16 year olds don't die of hemorrhagic strokes. The headlines would be hilarious. "Boy with no testicles dumbfounds doctors after being found by scantly-clad neighbor"

I sometimes think too much.

I'm that kid who passed your house while you were mowing the lawn the other day walking like it was completely normal for a teenager to be walking around without a posse or an obvious destination. When that kid noticed you looking at him, he smiled, and you thought "Huh. That kid must be a sane, polite, smart youngster, not like the rest of the riffraff you see today." Ha. I just smiled to get you to stop staring, fucker.

I'm sorry, I was stereotyping you. Unless you ARE that creepy old man from the other day, you probably didn't think that. Maybe.

Well, let's just say I'm not sane, and I'm only polite as a form of manipulation. As for smart…well, that bring me to a whole other spiral of thought, as there is no clear definition of smart, I excel at math & science and don't think pot is cool, but does that make me smart? Or am I smart for pointing out the lack of definition of smart?

That's a dark alley we don't need to go down right now.

Oh, yeah, and I'm as gay as Woody from Toy Story, so there's another reason Creepy Old Man neighbor wouldn't approve, even though he has already passed judgment that he does.

I think what I mean to say in all this is:

"Hi! I'm Craig."


Hi, I posted this on a whim, sorry. So little proof reading, I apologize. This is just the small prologue.