Lola Amy Weides stared at herself in the mirror. Tears had started prickling her cerulean eyes as she looked at herself from head to toe. Her arms were way too flabby; her stomach had hideous bulging folds as she pinched hard at it, as if it would shrink from the pain. She flinched as she looked at her thighs. They were big, they were thick as barrels, and they were fat.

Tearing her eyes away from the mirror, Lola pulled on an over-sized shirt and a pair of baggy jeans. They were the only type of clothes she would wear if she were to leave the house. She stepped onto the weighing scale. It read: 150 lbs.


There is no way she can ever lose all that weight! To make things worse, everyone in her clique were skinny. None of them weighed more than 120 pounds yet here she was, at least 30 pounds heavier than all of them.

At this rate, I am going to grow into a fat old lady who will die single because nobody wants a fat girl for their girlfriend. Nobody. Lola thought bitterly. None of the guys in school ever looked at her. In fact, most of them pretended not to notice her at all. Not that she minded; of course. It was always better to be Lola, the fat girl whom people ignored. The only time people ever actually noticed her, would be the worst moments of her life. They never failed to remind Lola how fat she was. They never failed to make her already miserable life worse.

As she left the house quietly, careful not to slam the door, Lola trudged with heavy footsteps to school. School; where only the skinny and beautiful were noticed. School; where the fat people were mocked and ridiculed. School; which Lola dreaded going to, more, each day.

It wasn't until break time before Lola could see her friends. They had separate classes in the mornings so usually Lola would sit by herself in the corner of the class, waiting anxiously for the bell to ring. It was English Literature class. This meant that she had to sit through an hour's worth of lessons, ignoring the disgusted looks thrown her way. She could almost imagine what was going on in their minds.

Look at her! Look at how fat she is. Ugh, I bet she's never even talked to a guy! Not that anyone would want to anyway!

As Lola slowly made her way to the corner of the classroom, the class was in its usual state of chaos without a teacher around. There were the cheerleaders who were the typical blonde-bimbos. All of them were, except for one girl. Her name is Bell and she was the only nice person in the group. Whenever the rest of them made fun of Lola, Bell was the only one who stood up for her and asked her friends to stop. She knew that they were most probably gossiping about the latest news. Who kissed who, who got together recently, who gained weight, everything. Lola could never figure out how the cheerleaders (Ella, Trixie and Amanda) could get into Literature class in the first place.

Another group would be the ones who study real hard. There weren't any "nerds" or "geeks" in school. Everyone seemed pretty cool, even those who were more studious than others. They were nice, although they would get a little weird if you started a conversation with them.

"Settle down class! I want complete silence before I begin my lessons." The class was silent almost immediately after Ms Jenkins walked into the room.

"Good. Now, turn to page 235 and we can start from where we left off last week." Lessons began as Lola stifled a yawn. She had already finished reading the entire book on Macbeth over the weekends, it was fairly easy to understand. As the class progressed, Lola found herself nodding off to sleep. She had almost dozed off when a sudden knock on the door woke her up.

"Is this Ms Jenkin's class?" A boy, with dark brown hair and the most beautiful set of green eyes asked in a rather bored tone.

"Yes, I am Ms Jenkin. Welcome to Burly High, Mr Dakota. Please take a seat." As he walked, Lola watched everyone turn their heads as he walked past them. Lola looked at him for a moment and knew that the girls in school would swarm him like a pack of hungry wolves. At least I don't throw myself to every other guy who looks good. Lola thought to herself.

That's because you know they wouldn't even look at you.

She knew that was true as well. No guy has ever asked her out. Who would anyway? If she were a guy, she wouldn't ask herself out either.

"Is this seat taken?"

Lola looked up in surprise. Her eyes widened as she found herself looking at him.


"Is this seat taken?" He reiterated.

"Um. No." She said quickly as she placed her bag on the floor. Trying hard not to betray that neutral (more like constipated) expression on her face, Lola glanced at the boy through her peripheral vision. His clothes were the typical baggy kind of clothes guys always wore. Much like hers actually, except bigger. Despite his baggy clothes, Lola could still see his well-defined muscles. Obviously someone's been working out.

"Ms Weides, kindly stop glancing at Mr Dakota and please pay attention." All around, Lola heard people snickering. She sank in her seat, trying to hide the embarrassment behind her thick textbook.

"Sorry Ms Jenkin." Lola apologized before trying her very best to pay attention to Ms Jenkin.

Still, she could not help but glance sideways again. She saw him look back at her, with an amused expression on his face. Oh no, no good!

Quickly turning her attention back to her book, Lola decided to busy herself by doodling lazily until the bell rang.

Finally. Lola thought as she quickly shoved her textbook back into her bag and zoomed out of the classroom and made her way to the canteen.