Kind In Your Heart

Deepen the dusk. Brighten my dreams.
Why is it that your every trait sings to me?
In perfection. Let loose, break free. Never say you've had enough.

Sit there, quietly, and you can watch the days fly by.
You know me too well, you know that I never have to try.

Stumbling to cliche. Stuttering through the non-chalant.
The visions blur into the unseeable future.

Looking straight through you, right into me.
I wonder just what it is you will see.

The air I breathe, will it be the same as yours? Can it be the same?
Why does it seem as if someone is waiting after every step to catch me if I fall?

What if, what if? Why is there nothing else left?
No question has an answer. No lie has any truth.

Even if all we share is this sweet melancholy, somehow, it would be enough.