I don't want to fight; I want you to forgive,

Because with our claws out, only one will live.

Offensive remarks have been exchanged,

And our opinions have entirely changed.

Our teeth clench in resentment and bitterness

At the other ones' words that destroy the best.

We claim to hate confrontation and war

Are we really better off than we were before?

Out comes my blade of rage, filled with hate,

You shoot your gun of fury and I take the bait.

My true feelings with venom are coming out,

You're slashing my fragile heart as you shout.

Your bow and arrow of deceit hits between my eyes,

I pull out my hostile wand and start spurting lies.

Through my mouth I'm shooting spiteful flames

At you and your relentlessly cruel games.

We're full of ourselves, wasting energy on fights,

When we could be filling the world with light.

The fight's beginning to end, and we fill with disgrace

As we realize we've invaded an innocent's space.

I can't stand the thought of pulling you down

Just because I'm not always the one wearing a crown.

And you suddenly think that you're brutally hurt

And feel all you need to do is repent at church?

With blood of embarrassment painted on our hands

We pull ourselves out of our sinkhole and stand.

Staring at one another throbbing with pain,

We understand now that we are equally vain.

Our minds have been emptied of all pride,

Knowing that each of us is on the wrong side.

Holding the last of our dignity in our heads,

We go to lie in what we've just made our beds.

A/N: This is written about someone who should be hurt. I tried to edit it, I really did…